Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Curry Hammock/ Marathon Florida

Saturday December 14, we are moving north just about 25 miles to Curry Hammock State Park. We called before we left to make sure our spot was empty. We left Bahia Honda with a heavy heart and a stowaway rodent. Definitely didn't have a problem getting here it was easy, go on overseas highway 1, go straight til the park turn right and you're here. We stayed here last year and really liked it. When we arrived it was hot and no wind so the bugs were out. We set up fast and got inside to cool off. We had planned to make a trip into town to get some supplies and mousetraps. We picked up a passenger and both of us are extremely creeped out by mice. Other than that we didn't do much, we were tired from getting up so early to get Justin off. We did manage to get those traps set cause the sooner that thing is caught the better.

Sunday got up and went to watch the sun come up. It was a pretty sight indeed, and there wasn't a sole in sight to witness it but me. When I got back I checked the mousetraps....the one under the sink was gone, nowhere to be found. I took everything out to look but nope it's gone. There is a pretty big hole around the area where the pipes go so I thought I'd look there. Nope.. Jeff went down to the basement to look there, he had to take a lot of stuff out to figure out he couldn't get to that area. I decided it would be easier if I just removed a few staples and pulled up the floor in the cabinet. It took some doing but I got it done. We found the trap clear down at the end of the cabinet.... It was empty. Jeff had put a couple traps in the basement too. They had been cleaned off but no mouse. I had planned on relaxing on the beach today but that didn't happen. I decided to get a few Christmas cards made out, and packaged up some ornaments to send back home. We have had a few problems with the hinges on our pantry door so Jeff was working on them. I think today was pretty productive and I thought I was gonna relax and do nothing.....

Monday... The mouse is still at large, he's taken all the food off all 3 traps, but still not captured. He's like a ninja. Since it's really nice out we decided to take a bike ride into town. I needed to mail off those ornaments so we rode to the post office. It was about a 14 mile round trip. I was feeling in the Christmas mood so when I got home I made some caramels and melting moment cookies (a recipe from my aunt). We don't have any TV here either so we watched a movie.

Tuesday it was cloudy this morning and it cooled down some. Again the traps were cleaned and still no mouse. It was cloudy on and off today so I stayed in. Jeff went out in his kayak to fish. He caught a couple keepers. He told me he found a spot where even I could catch fish. I'll have to take him up on that. It was a pretty laid back day but that was about to change. After supper we had settled in to sit and watch a movie. Suddenly Belle jumps up and runs across the room. She has something she's tossing into the step in front of the door. I ask Jeff what's she got? We both say THAT MOUSE...Jeff gets up and there he is. Belle has him trapped so Jeff grabs a book and pins the beast down. He's got him pinned down by his neck, the thing is flopping around and it's tail is too. I am totally creeped out. He holds him there until he's still. Yikes!!! Then Jeff takes a knife to pick him up. That's no mouse, it looks like rat to me. It's sooo big. Oh my, that was so gross. All I could think about was I hope he was flying solo, I hope he doesn't have any family with him...I don't think Jeff or I slept that good, couldn't get that varmint out of our heads, but at least he's out if the camper.

Wednesday, Jeff wanted to show me the fishing spot he found. We loaded everything up and headed to the beach to launch the kayaks. It was a bit windy but we weren't going too far . We got to the spot and the wind kept blowing us into the mangroves so Jeff dropped an anchor. I caught some fish but only 1 was a keeper.  We tried moving around to another spot but no luck. I did see a snake and a shark swim by my boat. We went back to the spot were at least the fish were biting but I got a couple snags and I was a problem for Jeff so I decided to call it a day and headed back. When I got back to the beach as I was loading up my boat to take back I noticed that I had a whole lot of water in hull, more than usual. I rolled it back to the campsite and waited for Jeff. I kept the boat on the kayak cart cause you could see were the water was dripping out. Jeff had patched his once before so I was hoping he could fix mine. When he got back he took a look, he got all the water out and tried to get it dry so he could maybe patch  it tomorrow.

Thursday morning I made it to watch the sunrise this morning, that's always a great way to start the day. Jeff ran into town to get some stuff to patch the boats. He did a little research last night to see what people have used to fix theres. The guy at Ace Hardware told him what he used on his so Jeff went with that. He got some marine epoxy and some gorilla super glue and came back to get busy. I went to the beach. It got pretty windy and as soon as the wind picked up the kite surfers showed up. I think there was up to 6 of them out there. They are fun to watch.... They really go fast, they must be young.(no fear)


Friday the wind changed directions and is coming out of the east. Jeff decided to ride his bike over to the gulf side. There is a spot off the bike trail that we fished at last year and he was gonna check it out. It was really calm over there so we decided to load up the bikes to go over and try our luck at fishing and Jeff wanted to snorkel. We looked so funny. I told Jeff if we would have got hit by a car crossing the highway it would have looked like a garage sale...The fishing wasn't any good so Jeff decided to go in to see if he could find some lobsters. He found them all right but they were a bit tricky to catch. He got a couple that were just short. He got one that was a keeper, that's good enough cause I don't like lobster. While Jeff was out there a couple walked by and we got to talking, we invited them to join us back here tomorrow cause he kinda wanted to go lobstering but never had. Thought it would be better to try the first time with a partner. When we got back Jeff decided to write a letter to Hobie about our boats. We have had them 4 years and the warranty is only for 2 years but he always heard how good they are about standing behind there product. The cracks aren't on the bottom, from us hitting rocks or anything, they are in the drive well. Hopefully they can help us get them fixed.

Saturday.. December 21st,  The winds are still coming out of the east so it will be good to go lobstering on the gulf side. We had planned to meet James & Brenda there around noon. We left a bit early to try fishing before the snorkeling.  They showed up around noon and Jeff & James headed out to see what they could wrestle up. They got a couple that were just a bit short, so didn't bring any home this time but the had the thrill of the hunt. Boy oh boy another week has passed. Theses weeks just seem to fly by...