Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bahia Honda/ Week 2

Sunday December 8th week 2, we both agree it's going to be tough leaving this spot. It rained pretty good last night but cleared up early. Jeff and Justin went out to fish with a neighbor who comes here quite often and knows the good fishing spots. I knew when Justin arrived my kayak would be his. He loves to fish, and has since he was little. I stayed back and put a roast in the crockpot for Italian beef sandwiches. When the guys came back I made breakfast. They went back out to fish I stayed back, sat outside enjoying the weather and the view. We had supper, played some Yahtzee and watched a movie. Bedtime came early again.

Monday was another pretty day. The guys tried fishing under the bridge from the shore. Justin got a big surprise... He heard a funny noise and looked around and it was a great big loggerhead turtle coming up for a breath. It's head was about the size of a football. Justin named him Timmy and we saw him a couple more times. The afternoon the guys tried snorkeling in front of our campsite. The visibility wasn't that good but Jeff did see some barracuda, a stingray, some snapper and grunts. We had a yummy supper and to bed early.

Tuesday December 10th...going on a party fishing boat, the Marathon Lady. We choose the morning trip. We were suppose to be there by 8:00am, we left early to stop and get some more sea sick pills. The boat set sail at 8:30 and the boat wasn't crowded at all. The water had settled and the winds have died down. The guys had spots on the back of the boat were the real fishermen fish. The people who bring there own poles. I had rented a pole and picked a spot on the side towards the back of the boat. The first spot we stopped I caught one fish. I thought to myself here we go again. I'm not a very good fisherman. We moved to another spot and I liked it. I was catching all kinds of fish. Nothing big or exciting but ones I like to eat. I caught grunts, yellowtail, and porgies. The guys caught some too. We moved to another spot and still I was a fishing fool. Next thing I know Jeff is moving next to me trying to get my lucky spot. He says there were too many fishing back there. We moved to one more spot and I was still catching. This was were Jeff found a good spot, he caught some yellowtail snappers.... Yum!!!  Before long it was time to head back. I was ready to get off the boat. The boys decided to pay another $25.00 to go back out for the afternoon trip. The guy we bought the tickets said the afternoon fishing has been good. We collected our fish...(38) and went to have them cleaned. I took them home while they headed back out. I came home to take care of the dogs. Then I made potato salad cause what goes with fish?.... Potato salad. Went back to get them at 5:30. That boat was so full. Jeff said he'd never seen so many people on a trip. We have been going out on this boat for years. They said the fishing was slower this afternoon. They got another 18 so we put lots of fish in the freezer.

Wednesday it rained last night and was cloudy when we got up. Jeff & I decided to take it easy today. Justin, I knew wouldn't be able to sit still for long. It sprinkled on and off. After lunch Justin decided to take dad's kayak out to fish. Right after he left it started raining, not a downpour but still rain. It looked like it was gonna stop but it would slow to a sprinkle then rain again. Justin was catching fish so he stayed out. Finally he came in and his fingers and feet were very pruny. We fixed for supper our catch from yesterday. It was extremely tasty. So fun to provide your own meal. 

Thursday it rained again last night. I decided to ride my bike down to the end of the island. There's another camping area there and a beach. Justin caught up with me and we walked a little on the beach. When we got back I went and got change for the shuttle. We decided to take it to Key West. We caught it right across the street from the park. We got on around 3:00 and it cost $4.00 per person. It was a long ride down, about 1 1/2 to go 40 miles, they made lots of stops. When we got off we made our way to Mallory Square. We watched the sunset at Sunset Pier restaurant. It was really nice and they had live music. Our sunset was kinda spoiled by a bunch of clouds that came out of nowhere. Still was a good time. We walked to Fogerty's to have some supper. It was outside and very nice. After eating we went to a few places to listen to music and get a drink. We didn't stay around too long, we had decided to catch the shuttle back at 8:45. No problem with that, Jeff & I sat down, Justin just happened to put his hand down before sitting and it was wet.... He smelled his hand and said it smelled like puke. Well I think maybe it was but had been cleaned up. The bus didn't stink but Justin's hand did. I gave him a bottle of sanitizer... Needless to say I think he used the whole bottle. We kinda giggled. The ride home didn't seem as long. By the time we walked back to our campsite I think it was 10:30. Late night for us.

Friday the 13th...Justin's last day. He wanted to fish some more go figure. This time they tried it up on the points, under the old  Bahia  Honda bridge. Didn't have much luck, pretty windy today.  I did happen to come across a big iguana. We came back to the campsite and start putting some stuff away. Justin was getting his stuff together cause he has to catch his shuttle at  3:15am. It was a very early night.

Saturday, started very early. I set my alarm for 2:15 am and Justin was up. We took him up to the front gate to catch his shuttle. They were a little late, I think he got on around 3:30. We headed back and went to bed for a bit. We got up and had coffee, sat outside and enjoyed our view. Justin called and said his driver about killed them more than a few times. He had used this shuttle before and was very pleased, not this time. Before we loaded up to move Justin called back to say his flight is delayed because of a repair. Guess what he's not gonna make his connecting flight. I think he finally made it home 5 hours later than he was suppose to. I don't think he'll be flying anytime soon. We called Curry Hammock before leaving to see if our spot was available yet, they said it would be ready at 11:30. We pulled out of Bahia Honda around 11:00.... Bye bye Bahia Honda, what a beautiful park.... Loved it!!