Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Monday, September 9, 2013

Morgan Creek again....

We moved on Tuesday August. 20th. We had a passenger in the backseat,Ashton was with us for the move. As we were pulling in our friends John & Janie were rolling out. We set up on site #6. We have always wanted that spot but it was always taken. I went into get Ashton's bike and do some laundry. Gonna get the bird feeders and hummingbird feeder out cause there are lots of birds. It didn't take long for them to partake at our buffet. So many hummingbirds flying around, we really enjoy them. There is one that keeps coming back and he sits on the perch and fluffs his feathers and kinda sits crooked. Our hummingbird feeder sticks on the window so we have a birds eye view.

Wednesday morning Ashton arrived around 6:45, we have him everyday this week cause his day camp is over and schools not in yet. Started the morning with waffles and sausage. Took a short bike ride cause the heat is rising. Went into Walmart and got some groceries then came back and had lunch. I started making cookies and the boys got out the wii. Our younger son had given us some attachments to put on the controllers. There was a golf club, tennis racket, and a baseball bat. They were taking turns at playing with all of them. Then they got started on the baseball, Ashton was pitching and Jeff was at bat. All of the sudden I heard a horrible thud... Then I look up and see this sick look on Ashton's face and hear Jeff ...... The nerf bat had come off the controller and thru the TV.  It didn't actually shatter the TV but it looked like a stained glass window. It was definitely ruined no doubt!!  Ashton starts crying and runs to hide in the bedroom, Jeff did really good but just kept saying he couldn't believe that, and that he was just SICK!!!! So I went to watch Ashton play hockey and Jeff went shopping for a TV. When I got home Jeff had purchased a new TV. Now the process of putting it back on the wall. Of course nothing is easy. We ended up having to move the wall brace to get the TV up, but after a few adjustments  SUCCESS...oh boy what a day.

Thursday was not nearly as exciting as yesterday... Except for when Ashton dumped a pitcher of warm syrup on the carpet.. Now that was a mess to clean up. He's kinda known as a spillasaurus. It's kinda cloudy and spitting rain so we decided on making it science day. We blew up lots of ziplock baggies with baking soda and vinegar. Also put a bar of ivory soap in the microwave and watched it grow. Then crumbled it up with a bit of water and food coloring to make trout soap.(with cookie cutters)

Friday, big day have both kids today. We were up and ready and kept waiting, waiting and I finally called. They had to meet Ashton's teacher today and they forgot to tell me. I had to run to there house cause they forgot Sissy's scooter and Ashton's trunks. The biggest problem was they took off without giving us a car seat. Seth brought one over on his lunch hour. We had to have a car seat cause we were taking the kids to the pool. So after our lunch we packed up and headed to Cherry Hill Pool. It was a real nice day for swimming. Sissy was all about Papa so Papa had a really busy afternoon. She didn't really care if I was there or not so I got some chair time. Ashton had fun showing us all his tricks. We stayed til about 3:30 and we thought Sissy would be tired but she didn't want to leave. Headed to the HOW and thought we'd put on a movie so they could rest a bit...well we put in the movie but I'm not sure there was any resting going on. Katie picked them up after work and then we did some resting. Good news there was no spills today!

Saturday..HOT HOT HOT we went to Coralville Mall with our oldest son to get Ashton's birthday gift.  Sissy was with us. Katie and Ashton were in Davenport at a color me rad run. They had fun. I came home and made cupcakes. I started talking to our neighbors who are in a tent and find out they are sleeping on an airless air mattress (no pump) so we told them to bring it over and we'd pump it up. Then found out they have no fan and in this weather that's a big problem. We set them up with a fan and a fluffy mattress. I think we made there day for sure. It's just so hot you can't even stand to be outside.

Sunday, another scorcher. I sat outside for a bit in the morning and here comes are neighbors with flowers for us. I guess that fan really helped. These were young people and they were very grateful and polite. Something so easy to do really made there camping bearable. So hot it seemed like a perfect movie day so that's what we did. It was a good one. Didn't have much supper, to hot to eat. We were still full of popcorn.

Another week and I'm just gonna start this out that it was smoking hot all week long, Sunday a cool front came to town. When I say hot one day tied the record at 100 degrees.

Monday we had Ashton his last day of summer vacation. Had a movie for him to watch and went out for lunch.

Tuesday it's was pretty quiet around here so I got busy. I did laundry, cleaned, and quilted. I even had time to paint my toes Hawkeyes style for the kick off this weekend. We rented some movies to watch.

Wednesday Jeff helped me with blowing up a Blackhawk picture for Ashton's birthday cake. I make there birthday cakes every year and they pick what kind they want. Ashton picked the Blackhawks logo. So I think I got that figured out.(relief)

Thursday Jeff was getting cabin fever and so he decided he needed a road trip. He headed to North Branch to the Herbert Hoover Museum, me well not so much so he dropped me off at the mall. Jeff loved the museum and I enjoyed myself at the mall.

Friday I finished Hailey's quilt!!!  I made Ashton's cake and put in the freezer. We went to the ice rink to watch Seth, Justin and Ashton do stick time. Which means they skated around with all that stuff on hitting pucks. After to Justin's to watch a movie.

Saturday the last day of the month we headed south to our hometown of Keokuk to do some visiting first and then the annual fireman's picnic. We were almost the first to arrive and almost the last to leave. They presented Jeff with a fireman's ax to acknowledge his years of service. It was nice to see everyone.

A new month and its starting off good you can feel the weather changing. I didn't do much. I made Ashton's birthday cupcakes and they took forever to frost and I wasn't even excited on how they turned out.

Monday... Labor Day and the day of Ashton's birthday party. So the first thing I did was get started on frosting his cake. It took awhile to finish but he loved it and that's all that matters. The weather was perfect temps in the 70's so nice and welcomed. The party was a success and we spent the afternoon playing with all of Ashton's gifts. Such a fun day! Tomorrow we will be heading across town. I can't believe how fast the 2 weeks fly by.