Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to Squaw Creek

Tuesday August 6th was are moving day.   Very wet and foggy so we waited for it to clear. The trip back was uneventful which is alright with us.  Pulled into Squaw Creek and tried a new site #45B, it's a pull through and really private. It's getting really hot again. Didn't have much planned to do but catch up on laundry which was hard cause its so humid that nothing would dry. It was also nice to have some TV again.

Wednesday .....HUMP DAY!!!! It's not quite as hot today, we saw a mama turkey and babies, I scared them cause they flew away. I didn't think they could fly. Then went to our grandsons hockey to finish off our day.

The rest of the week we just hung out at the campground. The weather is really nice and without humidity. Saturday I went in and did some shopping at the fabric store. Sunday went to church and over to see our granddaughter cause we haven't seen her since we got back.

Week 2 started off by getting grocerys and some pictures developed that I've had on my camera forever. Talked to my best friend and she's coming up this weekend, that's good news.

Tuesday we did some cleaning and laundry. We had plans to go into town with our son Justin to hear a band at The Chrome Horse Saloon. The band was called Helferstout. The lead singer was on American Idol for awhile. It was outside and I actually had to take a sweatshirt. Lots of bikers there and in the back parking lot. There were also a lot of  fancy cars. Saw the coolest coral T-bird.....sweet! We stayed for a couple hours but needed to get over and pick up Hailey our granddaughter to come  spend the night and Wednesday with us.

Wednesday was all about Hailey so we went for a walk, read books watched her favorite movies, you know everything a 2 year old likes. Took her to hockey practice and gave her back.

Thursday seemed really quiet and so I cut up fruit and made mini cheesecakes. Getting stuff ready for our weekend visitor.

Friday went to Menards to get some more bird food cause the gold finches here are really hungry. We also had a ruby throated hummingbird come to dine today. My friend Judy made it and she only had one little glitch. So we spent the night visiting and catching up.

Saturday...funday! Went into the Cedar Rapids farmers market and it was awesome. It wasn't smoking hot and there was plenty to see. We got sweet corn, green beans, seasoning, bread, olive oil, and Judy even bought a rock....really?. Stopped by Justin's then went to Noodles & Co. for lunch. It was really good never been there before and we were pleasantly surprised. Headed back to the campground. Then after visiting a bit we took off for a movie "The Butler" it was really good...3 thumbs up. Came back to the HOW and prepared dinner with some of our purchases at the farmers market. Everything tasted great. Went to bed fairly early, all tuckered out from all the running today.

Sunday we did not do much. I took Judy for a bike ride around the campground. We sat outside awhile its starting to warm up again. Went to the store to get stuff for lunch. Hung around until time for Judy to take off. She followed us to her exit toward home and we continued on to Seth's house. We had to pick up Ashton cause he's done with day camp and school doesn't start for a week. So we are his daycare for the week.

Monday we started packing up the bikes and kayaks. We also played some frisbee,trackball and I even challenged my grandson to a game of twister...I won! Our plans are to head over to Morgan Creek in the morning.