Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Squaw Creek

Wednesday May 8th making a big move across town. We have never stayed here at Squaw Creek. Before leaving we talked to some new friends Janie and John that are fulltime RVers. Jeff has followed there Flamingo on a Stick blog for awhile. What was really nice about this hassle. Didn't have to hurry or rush around cause it was literally across town. When we arrived, took our time and found a spot that was kinda private. I found the sites to be bigger and spaced apart more. Everything was really green here.

We got everything set up and it's really nice. It's always different to go into a new spot and figure out what they have to offer. This park is definitely bigger than Morgan Creek. What's bad for us is we aren't familiar with this side of town. So when we take off we really have to think of where we are going and how to get there. So that's what we had to do when we headed in to watch Ashton's hockey practice. That's getting to be a habit, he really loves it and you can tell by the excitement on his face. 

I'm glad we moved on Wednesday cause Thursday it decided to rain so we went to Menards to get some supplies. The weather didn't break so decided to go to a movie and dinner. Friday cloudy again so I baked. Saturday came and Justin came out for breakfast and to look for luck. Later on in the day Seth (oldest son) called and invited us to an arena football game, never been so we went. There are some serious fans there and I don't know about Jeff but I thought it was great! We left early cause Justin (youngest son) had a gig and of course we weren't gonna miss that. It was a late night for us, not really use to that.

Sunday....Mothers Day. Usually we are on a vacation this time of year but not this year. Our daughter in law had lunch. It was yummy, turkey and all the trimmings. We visited and ate and ate. Nice to spend time with the family. 

Started off a new week and the weather was better today so decided to do some cleaning in the basement of the camper. I took everything out and vacuumed it out. There was sand in there from Florida. 
Then we had a super hot day 96 degrees. Yikes that's too hot! We took advantage of weather without moisture and did some maintance. Worked on the A.C. Unit. I had to help Jeff cause his hands are to big. Got the cover off the unit but to get it back on that was his problem, so thats were I came in my hands could fit down in there to start the screws. We got everything done on it that was needed. It took longer than we thought of course. 

Had a bit of a scare with our little wiener dog, she woke us up at 5:30 one morning which doesn't sound that bad but she never wants to get up. I have to drag her out of bed every morning and then she goes right back to sleep. She wouldn't lay down at all and her little tummy was rumbling like crazy. I took her out and I think it was cause she ate a bunch of grass and had a belly ache. She felt better and so did I.

The weather changed again, got cooler so it was perfect to sit outside and quilt, bonus I was serenaded by even ran by our campsite.

Had to make a day trip to Keokuk IA to attend a visitation. My best friends father in law passed away. Not good circumstances but nice to see my friend.

Saturday another family dinner I thinked they called it Seafood Saturday. Red Lobster a family favorite, and for dessert we got to take the grand kids home with us.  We kept very busy entertaining them. I had to paint sissys toes and watch her ride her new scooter. That was sure something to see. Ashton just wanted to ride his bike. 

We got to attend church the next day with them. Ashton went to Sunday school and loved it, Hailey was pretty shy so she set on my lap and fell asleep. We met Seth & Katie at the ice rink for some ice skating. Now that was something to on skates. I thought maybe after 20 years I could still skate but no, not gonna happen. I'm old and afraid to fall down that makes you a terrible skater. I made a batch of baked spaghetti for supper. We ate at Justin's it was delicious.

Had some bad storms come through, so we didn't sleep that well. So our day was spent resting up from lack of sleep and running around after kids. Very lucky with the storms, there were some terrible ones all around us, grateful for that.

With the holiday weekend approaching we decided to move a day early. When we went to hook up the rig couldn't get the hitch to lock. That's a big problem. Jeff took it apart and worked on it. Finally got it to work. Moved to Morgan Creek again. We were glad we moved early cause the park was filling up fast. We got a pretty good spot. Home for another 2 weeks.