Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer Continues......

Monday July 10- Well Jeff was suppose to take the truck back in because the DEF light and service engine soon light came on again. Of course by the time we got it there they went off. We were told that the problem would show up during the diagonastic test. Well they said they couldn't do anything so he came home. These people aren't so helpful, that is for sure. I stayed back and was taking care of things that needed to be taken care of. We had quite a storm last night and it's still really hot and humid. It was cloudy so that helped, but when the sun came out it was smoking hot.

Tuesday July 11- I started the morning sitting's the only time you can stand to do that. It is movie day so with the heat we decided it would be a good time to take in a show. They run a special were you get in for $4.00  and get a free small popcorn. Can't beat that. We saw Going In Style. It was cute, both of us liked it. Since we didn't have Hailey on Monday Seth brought her out tonight. We will be taking her to gymnastics tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday July 12- The good news about having Hailey out here, she sleeps on an air mattress in the living room. When Soffee wakes up instead of getting us up she just jumps in bed with Hailey. So we got to sleep longer this morning. As usual when Sis is here we are very busy. We don't want her getting bored. We had breakfast and then went up to check the shower house. Hailey found this teeny tiny frog, I couldn't believe she picked it up.

Our day consisted of playing wi, jenga, old maid and coloring. I didn't have a craft planned so we decided to do some baking. Well making,  no bake cookies. She likes to help and she can do a lot with this recipe. She was a big help for sure. The cookies...success.

We both went in to town. Jeff stayed at the house with Ashton, I took Hailey to gymnastics. It is a long 2 hours there, but she likes when we watch her. She finally got her pull up today and she surprised herself. She had a bit of a problem, when she was running on the trampoline she over extended her leg. You could tell it hurt because she was almost in tears. She stayed until time to leave.

We stopped at Panchero's on the way home to get some supper. We ate and then headed over to the school yard to fly Ashton's drone. We didn't get to stay very long we had some scarey looking weather coming right at us. We got home in just the nick of time. It down poured almost as soon as we stepped inside,

One more thing today when I went to take out our dog around 10 o'clock, I kept seeing something fluttering around by my big plant. I couldn't tell what it was so I got a flashlight. I still wasn't sure. I grabbed my camera with the flash. I took some pictures hoping I was getting my subject in the frame. Well it turns out I did get the picture and it is this weird moth. I never realized that they ate like this. To say I was fascinated is an under statement. Here are a couple shots.

Thursday July 13- It has cooled off quite a bit today. We stayed around here. I sat outside and watched the hummingbirds today, taking lots of pictures. They were loving the cooler weather as well. I even got some of them to eat from my little feeders.

I have to admit I spent hours out there watching them. It is kind of addictive. Wellstrung, the acoustic group that our son Justin is in played at The Blind Pig tonight. They played from 6-9. We are going to another concert tonight so we stopped there early and stayed for about an hour to listen. It was outside and the weather was perfect.

After leaving here we went to the US Cellular Center. We have tickets for Britt Floyd, a Pink Floyd tribute band. We have seen them before a couple years ago. It was outside so you didn't get to see the complete light show. Boy it was a really good show. The music and the light show were really good. They played for about 3 hours, so we got our money's worth. The tickets weren't that expensive to begin with. The tickets cost around $ was a deal, and a great show.

Friday July 14- It was hard to get up today......late night and all. We decided to go to town. Jeff wanted to finish up some updates on his computer. He got a new one and it ate up all the internet. We have a long time to go yet too. Well the internet at Panera was horrible. We went to the store, which was super busy and came home. I spent the rest of the day watching birds...hummingbirds. They love me and the felling is mutual. Here are more pics.

Coming in for a landing.......lunch buffet


These are pictures from the little hand held feeders that sit on the picnic table. There is one ruby throated hummingbird that likes these. He only has one leg. I even tried to get them to eat from my hand...they came close and hovered but didn't drink.

In the afternoon I received a call from some friends from Keokuk. They are in the area and wanted to stop by. Come on out. They did and we had a nice visit. Jeff worked with Mike at the fire department. It was nice to visit with Mike and Sue Maerz.

Saturday July 15- We hung around the campground today. We were outside enjoying coffee when someone stopped by to plug in there car. I have to admit never had that happen before. We visited with them for awhile. We had an early supper. We were going in to watch Wellstrung play again tonight. We made a stop at Seth and Katie's because a package had arrived. We ordered a new exhaust fan for the bathroom. Well guess what? was broke. What is up with these delivery services. They must toss things around pretty good. We have had many problems with that lately. We drove down to the Czchech Village. They were playing at the Red Frog. We have never been there before. It was nice. Pretty small but there was a nice group there to listen. Molly even felt good enough to come.

It was a fun night. If you ever get to this place you need to get there french fries. They are homemade and completely yummy.

Sunday July 16- We had quite a busy weekend so this morning after church we came home. Didn't really do much just waited for Seth to bring out Hailey. We knew when she got here we would be busy. She joined us for supper then we played games, colored and went for a walk. We made plans for our Monday.

Monday July 17- This is what we woke up to. What a great way to start the day. We had breakfast and then we got out the easy bake oven. Hailey wanted to make pretzels so that's what we did. It was quite a process to make them. She did really good. When they came out they looked good but after she took a bite...not so good. Oh well we had fun making them.

Hailey talked Papa in to coming to watch her tonight at gymnastics. Before going we stopped at Theisen's and got bird seed and popcorn. After gymnastic's we dropped her off at home. Jeff contacted the people he ordered the vent fan from and they are sending a new one out. He ordered it from RV Upgrades. They were right on it and didn't question us, like we had something to do with breaking it.

Tuesday July 18- It is going to be a scorcher today. Since Jeff's been working on his new computer we have gone through 18 gigs of data in record time. It is suppose to cost $15 per gig. Jeff got a hold of Verizon and changed our plan. They now offer an unlimited plan for $20 more a month. Well after he signed up for that we found out more information. They give you 10 gigs at 4g then they power you down. Well that wasn't mentioned to us when we changed. After calling we found out that my phone is allowed 22 gigs before powering down. So now we have figured out the system...use my phone as a hot spot in stead of our wifi hot spot. Oh the hoops you have to jump through. Well we even got them to drop our price too. So now we pay less then before and we have unlimited. Well with some issues. The good news Jeff switched before we went over so no overage charge this month.

Thursday July 20- I had lots of things to do today. I had to make a birthday cake for one of Katie's friends. I also was packing things up because I'm going to Chicago this weekend. I wanted to make sure my birds had food etc. Our park is kind of full. We found out that a park not to far from us have been evacuated because of the rising river. They have had a lot of rain up north. That is were all the campers are coming from. Then I kept waiting to hear from Justin. They are going to the doctor today to find out if they are having a boy or a girl....I waited as long as I could before texting him. Then he kept messaging me back but not telling me.....finally he's a GIRL!!!!!..that is what Jeff and I both guessed. We are so happy for them. We went and got a pizza from Tomaso to celebrate. Jeff went to Palo to play his guitar tonight. I finished packing stuff up.

Friday July 21-Chicago here we come. Jeff took me over to Seth's early and picked up there dog Noodles to take home. Jeff is in charge of the dogs this weekend. I'm going to Chicago with Seth, Katie and the kids. We are attending the Blackhawks Convention. I have gone with them before but never attended the convention. I'm pretty excited about going. Jeff is happy not to be going. Chicago is not his favorite place. This is held at the Hilton downtown and it is crazy busy. I know what to expect so I'm just preparing for that. We arrived at the hotel around 12:30 and got in line to check in to our room.

Ok...after checking in to our room we gathered up food and drink and went to a holding room to wait for the opening ceremonies. We had a place to sit while waiting here but when they corralled us to the room where the opening ceremonies took place, here we had to stand.

After sitting in one room for about 2 hours then moving to another for about 1 1/2 hours the fun began. It was super fun after the waiting was over. Out came the alumni, the coaches, and the players. I was getting lots of pictures.

Coach Q
Bobby Hull


Patrick Kane
Patrick Sharp



Brian Sadd
Jonathan Toews

The room was full of excitement and people. After they all were introduced and some speeches it was over. We watched as the players left and all the people left as well.

We were starving so we walked to Jimmy John's for sandwiches. So hungry they tasted extremely good.

Saturday July 22- Didn't get much sleep last night. I slept with Hailey and she kicked me, hit me and was just all over the bed. We also had a storm last night....the lightning show was pretty extreme. The convention didn't really start until 9. Katie, Hailey and I made our way to The Bean. It was still raining a little bit but I had an umbrella and the sprinkles didn't seem to bother the girls. It was still really hot and humid.

On our way back we stopped at Starbucks for some coffee and breakfast. When we got back Seth went to an autograph thing. Katie and Hailey went shopping. Ashton and I went down where the games are and messed around.

We met Seth in a ballroom where there was a panel. Ashton and I saved some seats. Jonathan Toews, and Brandon Saad were there. They answered questions. Here is a couple pictures from that.

As soon as this was over we made our way downstairs to our next adventure. This is a children's press conference. We had some good seats. Ashton has done this before so he went to get in line to ask a question. He was the very first one. We waited for the players to come out. We even had Tommy Hawk on the panel.

This was really funny because the only questions asked were from kids. While they were asking Tommy Hawk was being silly by putting on a pirate patch on the players, or a clown nose. Those kids asked some good questions. Went back to the room for lunch. Ashton and Seth went to get autographs. Katie, Hailey and I went to the pool. Hailey couldn't wait to show me what she can do in the water.

We walked to a chicken place to have supper, it was horrible. That's all I,m going to say about that. We ended the evening with a trip to Navy Pier. There was so much going on this weekend in Chicago the traffic was crazy. It took forever to get there and when we arrived it was crazy busy. We didn't stay long. The cab ride back was just as busy. I couldn't wait to get back. I'm not good with all this traffic and people.

Sunday July 23- Not a good night that yucky restaurant we had supper at...well I was up sick all night. We didn't hang around to long in the morning. Made a stop on the way home at the outlet mall. We didn't stay long. I called Jeff and told him my estimated time of arrival. He got to Seth's about the same time. He gave them there dog back and we left. We went and got some BBQ to take over to Justin and Molly's. Molly is still getting sick. We ate and Jeff and Justin played guitar for awhile. We came home, I put all my stuff away and went to bed. I didn't get much sleep the whole weekend and still didn't feel 100%. I'm ready for some down time. I am not a big city girl. It was fun to see all the players but the rest of Chicago...crazy busy. Bye Bye Chicago.