Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Living Life At Jonathan Dickinson

Monday January 30- Today was a stay at home day, we got lots of chores done. For those who think this is a constant vacation you are wrong. We still have laundry to do, floors to vacuum, you know all those tasks you like to put off. Well I got a lot of that fun stuff done. Jeff went down to the boat ramp this morning to try to fish but he didn't have much luck. After my work was done I got to have some fun. I sewed the rows of my latest quilt together, then I added the borders. Now I need to purchase the rest of the fabric and batting to finish it. It was a bit chilly this morning so vegetable soup was what we had for supper. When you have a slight drop in temperature you take advantage and get to enjoy your winter meals.

Tuesday January 31- Oh my my, it truly felt like winter this morning. It was 39 degrees this morning. It felt very cold to me. I have become a baby. After doing our campground host tasks I sat outside in the sunshine. It warmed up. My ear started screaming and felt really clogged. I took a hot shower and laid down. That seemed to help. I'm happy that is all that happened with my ear this time, never know what it will do. We walked around the camp ground loop and watched the sun set....always different but always pretty.

Wednesday February 1- Can't believe we have already been here a month. Time goes so fast...I find it crazy. We worked today and our day was uneventful....we like those kinds of days. We have a great group of volunteers here. With everyone doing there jobs it makes things run so good. Since I have finished putting together my quilt top I wanted to get to town to purchase the back and batting. I went to town after lunch. I stopped at the store before heading home. Jeffrey and Maren came over for happy hour, they are taking off tomorrow but will be back. It's always fun to sit and visit with them. We even made some plans for when they return in a couple weeks.

Thursday February 2- Last day of our work week. It's warming back up...that's good news. After finishing our work I went outside and soaked up some sunshine in my hammock. I have had this thing for about 15 years and it is falling apart. It still is so comfortable, I always fall asleep when I lay in it. This was my last time in this hammock. I have a new one ordered.

After my nap outside and dinner we headed in to town. We are starting a new life group tonight. It is brand new to us. We know the leaders of the group from last year. The other people are all new to us. We are going to learn how to share our faith.

Friday February 3- Our day off. Since we have the weekend off every week we try to plan our activities on Friday and Monday, thinking it won't be so busy. We had planned to put our kayaks in the river here at the park and try some fishing. Jeff checked the fishing conditions and they were less than favorable. So we made a change. First breakfast at Time To Eat....he kind of likes this place.

Our breakfast we very good as usual. Next the beach for a bit. We walked up the beach and just enjoyed all the beauty around us. How can you not be happy at the beach?

 After kicking the sand off our feet we got back in the truck and headed to a store Jeff found, it's called Nautical Adventures. They have Hobie kayaks, bikes, paddle boards and lot of toys for the water. It was fun to look around. Looking for our next Hobie kayaks. They keep making them better. We had one more stop planned for today. So off we go to the Palm Beach Kennel Club. We are going to watch the dogs race. We got there early so we had time to look at the program. We did some studying so we could hopefully pick some winners. The first race Jeff and I both picked the same dog and she was a sure winner until another dog tripped her.....

We stayed around and watched 8 races. We had 3 winners and one dog that was tripped, one dog that was winning for most of the race getting edged out and one that lost in a photo finish. It was a fun day and we still came out a little ahead. We managed to get back before the traffic got too bad. It was a fun day and the weather was perfect for everything we did. We had leftovers for supper. We had a knock at the door, it was Steve another volunteer inviting us over for a camp fire. We grabbed our chairs and went and joined them. We had a nice evening talking around the camp fire. Boy what a full day.

Saturday February 4- We got up really early today, Soffee has decided to change her sleeping habits. It seems now her wake up time is now 5:30 a.m. When she wakes up you better get her out quick. She goes out, eats her breakfast and back to bed. We on the other hand, are wide awake. After breakfast we headed to the beach. We went early before the crowds arrived. Jeff brought his metal detector....looking for treasure on the treasure coast. He found out that all the treasure has been found.

Sunday February 5- Went to church today. It was the first time for the new third service. It moved our service up a half hour. The church was all a buzz. It was a great message and worship. What a way to start a day...When we got home Jeff put supper in the crock pot. I did some laundry.  We had an early supper. We have an invite to go to Drew and Theresa's for a super bowl party. Wasn't really sure if they had food for supper or if it was just snacks. We got there and there was all kinds of food. It was fun getting to know some of the different volunteers.

 The game was a great one. I didn't really have a team....but watching the New England Patriots come back from such a big deficit to win in overtime was quite exciting. It's not to often that the super bowl is that exciting. It was fun to watch.

Monday February 6- Today I decided to try and get started with some weights......I just need to do some toning. I have to get this new thing into my head so it becomes part of my schedule. I also went on a walk. Jeff and I decided to try some geocaching....we haven't done any of that for a while. We didn't have much luck because the ones we picked were really off in the weeds. I had on flip flops and wasn't willing to run through those grassy areas where all the snakes live. We haven't seen many movies so today so we went for lunch and a movie. We saw Patriots Day. It was really good. When we got home we saw Korey, the volunteer coordinator and asked him if we will be coming back next year....looks like we have a job next year.

Tuesday February 7- Today started our work week. It is a nice day and the campers didn't want to leave there sites. I can't blame them it is really a great place to be in the winter. After work I dropped off the cart and was walking back home. I stopped to talk to Susan, she is a volunteer here. She has 2 birds and they like to whistle at you when you walk by. I usually stop and talk to them, well I talk they don't. This time Susan got out the green bird and he sat on my shoulder...Made me kind of nervous. He was giving me the eye. He squawked real loud on my shoulder...

When I got back home I decided to get my quilt laid out and pinned together. I like to have something to work on at night. Now time to start the quilting process.

Wednesday February 8- Today a funny thing happened while working. I went in the chase were they keep the cleaning stuff. I thought I felt something on my back when I walked in. I brushed my back and went on getting the cleaning stuff that I needed. When I got up to go in the shower house I felt that creepy feeling again and Jeff says you have a lizard on your back. Well I went a bit crazy screaming get it off, get it off. Now I know they can't hurt you but the thought of that thing crawling on me wasn't all that appealing.

Saturday February 11- We used the morning to do household chores. Jeff started the process of washing and waxing the rig. He likes to do it in sections so it's not so over whelming. After lunch we loaded up the kayaks and the fishing poles and went down to the boat ramp here in the park. When we first put in I thought I saw was a manatee but I couldn't find it. The water is kind of dark. It was a really nice day and even though it's the weekend it didn't seem to busy.

We headed up the river and I spotted another manatee but couldn't get a picture. We tried to fish but didn't have any luck. It was a great day to be out on the water. It has been a long time since we have been in the boats.

Sunday February 12- We went to church this morning early because we are greeters today. We are having a guest preacher today. His name in Jim Frease and he is from Nashville. We heard him last year and I was excited to be able to hear him again today. He had a great message and he delivered it with great gusto. We left there feeling a whole lot better than when we arrived. We decided to go out for breakfast. Since we were out we made our way to Trader Joe's and picked up some stuff. Have I said how much we love this place. Not only do we love there products and price but there help is always friendly. While we were out I got a message from Maren. They are coming back to J.D. today. We made plans to meet for happy hour followed by dinner out. When we got home from our running I got busy making cupcakes. We are having a volunteer potluck on Monday and I'm in charge of the cupcakes. I made two of the three kinds today. Then Jeffrey and Maren came over and we got to hear about there last adventures. Then we loaded up and went for dinner at Outback Steak House. We had a nice dinner with a wonderful dessert. A great day to end the week.