Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Friday, December 23, 2016

Keys...Part 3 Back To Curry Hammock

Friday December 2- Well it rained last night and I didn't pick up the rugs outside. With our site being sand this made quite a mess. Just one more bad taste in our mouths. I took the rugs out to the road to try and sweep them off. It's so humid that some of the sand just won't come off. Since we are going back to Curry Hammock we can't leave too early, our site won't be ready. Being close makes the move nice but you have to be patient in getting there. We left our site around 12:30 to go dump. It was really tight getting in to dump. They need to do some trimming. A low tree branch and the bushes made it hard to make the turn. We were on our way about 1:00 PM. When we arrived at Curry, they were just finishing up our site. We are in site 26, it is on the inside of the loop. We have always been in the outside. We like the site, it's real long and wide enough for all our stuff. It felt really good to be back here. I felt like I left the ghetto and moved on up. It's so much cleaner and cared for here. Don't get me wrong the view at Long Key was awesome but, just have a hard time getting over those rats. We backed in without problems and set up. It's still really hot and humid. The bugs are hungry so we hooked up the fan and thermacell to take care of that.

Saturday December 3- Jeff and I both had a good nights sleep last night. We've been missing that. We would stay awake and listen to the rats. We still have traps out just in case we have a stow away. This morning the traps are empty. That makes us happy. Jeff got busy taking stuff out of the basement areas to make sure no nests or damage was done. I got busy doing the laundry. We are right across the street from the dump station so that makes it easy to tote the blueboy. I can't stress how happy we are to be back here. We have 50 amp again and the water pressure is great. It's very relaxing and quiet.

Sunday December 4- It's our daughter in laws birthday today and they are in Hawaii...lucky girl. I went to watch the sunrise this morning. I love to watch a new day unfold. You never know what the day will hold or the sunrise. Always different. We didn't do a lot today. Just catching up with some cleaning. Our granddaughter made me a picture and used her new smelly markers...that was a highlight. It is her and I, with a Christmas tree....a beauty for sure.

After lunch I headed to the beach. There is a lot of action going on down there. The kite surfers are everywhere. Really quite fun to watch. Usually they are more down towards the day use area. Today they were at the campground beach area. I spent some time watching them fly across the water.

Monday December 5- Happy Birthday to me...I started my day with a sunrise. I didn't sleep last night because of my meds. Jeff wanted to know what I wanted to do and I didn't feel that good. We went for breakfast at Grassy Key Outpost. The menu isn't that big. Jeff ordered the biscuits and gravy. He wasn't to sure of his pick. When he got it and tasted it, said it was the best he's had. I guess there was crab or lobster in there too. I had the french toast which was especially good. Next to the store to get something for supper. We got back and I felt dizzy so we just hung out here. It's cooled off enough to be outside. I sat outside in my favorite chair and had tons of visitors today. The cardinals were everywhere.

Ended the day with a sunset....hopefully tomorrow we can get out on the water.

Tuesday December 6- We both are ready to take out the kayaks. Going to wait until the tide comes in. I went down to the beach to set some in the morning. They were having a hermit crab convention. It was funny because you don't see them all over the beach but here was this little crowd of crabs.

I also saw this really green iguana. After having lunch we brought the kayaks down to the beach and launched them. It was a little rougher than we thought so we stayed in the cove area. Still had fun catching lots of fish. We had 3 keepers enough for a supper. Had lots of mangrove snappers that were just short. We stayed out until we ran out of bait.

After fishing we came back and cleaned up and called it a day. It was really nice to get back outside and enjoy whats around us.

Wednesday December 7- It rained last night so this morning it was really hot and humid. I went down to watch the sunrise but didn't stay long because there wasn't a lick of wind. The bugs were biting like crazy. We did some running today. Jeff has been wanting to visit the Divers Museum for years and never made it there. Today he went and visited that, I just looked at shops. He really liked it and was impressed with the exhibits. The price was only $10.00.

After finishing up there we went to get a bite to eat. We tried to go back to the Bayside Grille but they were closed because of a water leak. So we went to plan B. I found a place online and it was called Mrs. Mac's Kitchen. We weren't impressed with the food at all. The sweet tea was the only thing good. Jeff made a few stops so I could look around but no purchases. One of the best stops was at Robbies. We went out and looked at the tarpons. We even got to feed them. It was a bit tricky because the pelicans knew about the free fish.

Let me tell you them fish are large and hungry. They come clear out of the water to get them fish. You have to be very aware of those pesky pelicans cause they are hungry too. They charge $2.00 to get out there and $3.00 for a pail of fish. It was really  a lot of fun.

Thursday December 8- Another hot and humid morning. We decided to get back out on the water today but waited for the tides. We had a fun time catching but not keeping.

While we were out fishing we watched the rain roll in. It really rained at the campground. We just got sprinkled on. It was neat to see the rain fall and not really get wet. We were so close but only got sprinkled. When we got back we could see signs of all the rain they received...big puddles everywhere.

Friday December 9- It cooled off some but it was so cloudy I skipped the sunrise. Then I started feeling dizzy again so I just laid around most of the day. We got our mail today and got a bill from the hospital where Jeff had his stroke. That was 18 months ago so needless to say we were surprised. Well I won't go into it to much but lets just say when you deal with insurances its never pleasant.

Today we didn't do much I did get a rush of Christmas spirit...I made Christmas cookies. When I lived in a   house I did so much baking it was crazy. It was weird to just make a single batch of sugar cookies.

Sunday December 11- Not a good day, was woke up again with a dizzy spell. Well it lingered on most of the day. So I didn't do much and Jeff just spent the day taking care of me.

Monday December 12- After spending the whole day inside we decided to get out and try a road trip. We took off for Key West. We drove through a little bit of rain but drove out of it just as quick. First we went to Fort Zachery Taylor State Park. We paid $7.00 to get in and park. We got out the truck and did some exploring here. The fort was kind of neat to check out.

It was really warm out and I'm still not 100%. We didn't stay as long as usual but still got a good feel for the place. They did have a guided tour you could attend but we passed on that. We then left the truck parked there and headed to downtown. First stop was at 5 Guys for burgers and fries. It was air conditioned too. That felt really good. It has been unusally hot here the last couple days. So after eating we walked the streets and watched the crazy. Didn't really stay that long.

We have done the Key West thing before so it was a quick trip. On the way back we made a stop at The No Name Pub. It was too early for supper so we just had some breadsticks and Jeff had a beer. He also tried a piece of key lime pie. We had come before and Molly our newest member of the family had a piece but wouldn't share. So much time down here and he never tried the pie. He said it was good but neither of us are very empressed with citrus stuff. My main reason for coming here was to see the key deer. We saw a story on TV that they are being killed by a screw worm. The pub is located on Deer Key. Most of the time we see them in the parking lot but not this time. As we were leaving I saw some on the side of the road.

Tuesday December 13-It's another hot one. The only place you can be outside without bugs is on the water, so that's where we went. It was really calm out there, but there was a slight breeze. At first it was tough not many bites.  Then Jeff found a hole that we kept catching nice grunts. I didn't take pictures until we got back. On my way back I spotted dolphins. Usually you might see a couple but there was a least 10. I did my best to get close because they were putting on quite a show. They were feeding. They jumped out of the water like they do at Sea World. They even had the fish they were chasing jumping out of the water. Jeff was on the beach wondering what I was doing. You can't see in the pictures very good but take my word it was AWESOME!

When I got back I told Jeff what was going on out there. We cleaned everything up and took the rest of the day off.

Wednesday December 14- We decided to take the kayaks out one more time before taking off. We brought all the bait we had left and hoped to catch some more to take home. We had a tough time catching them today but I did get a couple good sized grunts.

Here are some pictures of the places we like to fish. The birds seem to be guarding these spots a lot. When we got back we did a good job of cleaning the kayaks because we will be loading them up after this trip out. We had a visitor at our site today. I managed to get some pictures with my camera instead of my phone.

After we cleaned up we made our last trip to Lor-e-lei for there customer appreciation night. It went from 4-6 and you got free draft beer or well drinks. They also had a buffet style set up with food. It had chips, fish dip...(which Jeff loved), mini pizzas, wings,(3 different types), meatballs and even cookies for those who have a sweet tooth. There was live music and the servers treated you like you were paying. It was a really nice night with a beautiful sunset. The music this time wasn't our favorite but good musicians.

Thursday December 15- This is our last full day here at Curry. We spent the day getting all packed up. We didn't want to fight with the humidity in the morning. We went to leave fairly early tomorrow too. The sunrise was a good one today.

It was really warm out there again today. I'm not complaining really because in Iowa there are having super cold weather. I prefer warm definately. We got everything packed up and we are ready to go in the morning. We were suppose to go back to Long Key but we cancelled those 2 weeks and are heading north to a RV resort near LaBelle. So good bye to The Keys. The adventure continues.