Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Keys....Part 2..Long Key

Sunday November 20-Today we have a huge move ahead.....we are traveling north about 10 miles. We love those kinds of moves. We had to hang around Curry Hammock for awhile, we wanted to be sure our spot at Long Key had been vacated. We left around 1 o'clock and didn't need directions for this move. We are staying in site #52, the same spot we had last year. The weather definitely was better than last year. Sunny this time last year pouring rain. The site is tight but we got in last year so we knew we would fit. After trying a few times we went around the turn around to come in from the other direction. That was a great idea because we got right in. This park has 30 amp service and water on site. The water pressure is horrible. Our site is sand, but we have plenty of rugs to put down. We found out this park will be closed next year to reconstruct the shore line. We unloaded almost everything.  We have a perfect back yard here....the beach. Today the water is flat flat flat. We enjoyed the view the rest of the day. We had some neighbors pull in that were having a hard time putting up there tent. Jeff and I went over to help. They are from Holland and rented the camping equipment, we got them set up for the night. They were very happy. The sunset was very pretty. We love our view that's for sure.

Monday November 21-It's our brand new daughter in laws birthday today, so a happy birthday to Molly. It seemed to cool off a bit, but it warmed back up. I got to watch the sunrise from my favorite chair right behind my home, with coffee...this is great.

Jeff offered the neighbors some coffee, they got cold last night. They came over to visit. There names are Frank and Avie. We learned a lot about there country and they told us some of the things they like and dislike about ours. After lunch the wind had died down some so we took advantage and put the kayaks in. Another great thing is we can launch from our back yard. The fishing was a bit slow to start but we did get a couple keepers. It was really pretty out there. We even saw dolphins, about 7 or 8. Then on the way back in I saw a little manta ray.

We spent the rest of the day setting up our estate. It was a great first full day here.

 Tuesday November 22- The sunrise was pretty this morning. I didn't do much today because I wasn't feeling good. Jeff went out in the kayak and did some fishing. He caught a big trigger fish,but he doesn't take pictures.

Wednesday November 23- Last night Belle jumped out of bed in the middle of the night. We didn't know why til we got up in the morning. Jeff went to feed the dogs and noticed something else was trying to eat there dog food too. So first thing was setting some traps. That creeps us out. We had planned on fixing the fish we caught for supper tonight so we went to Bass Pro Shop to get some fish batter.I also stopped at a shop and found the cutest dish towel ever. I decided to put up our Christmas decorations. Doesn't take long for that. Bring on the Holidays.

Thursday November 24- Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Jeff got up to put the turkey breast in the crock pot and checked the traps....nothing yet. We had some new neighbors come in late last night and they were loud most of the night. We are thankful for good insulation and an air conditioner that helps eliminate all that noise. When I got up to take out Soffee I spotted there alcohol buffet on there picnic table and a guy asleep in a beach chair. Then the guy gets up and stumbles around finally heading over to our campsite. He just is standing outside our steps. Jeff goes out and tries to talk to him but Jeff couldn't understand anything he was saying. Finally after a couple attempts he goes back over to there site...boy hope they don't stay too long.

We fixed the rest of our Thanksgiving meal and everything turned out good except the dessert. It was cloudy for most of the day. The good news our neighbors left today. We almost went on a bike ride but it started sprinkling.

Friday November 25- After we went to bed last night we heard some strange noises....Belle was going crazy. Jeff went to check the trap and bingo...we got it. I stayed up in the bed holding the dogs and Jeff went to do the dirty work. Let me tell you he doesn't like mice either. Let me also tell
you it wasn't a was a rat. Well we had a hard time getting back to sleep. Then Soffee woke up at 5:30 so we all were up. Got to watch the sunrise so that's a bonus. Jeff went out to inspect the RV and try to find where the critters are getting in. He found a hole chewed in the rubber material around the slide rail. He stuffed steel wool in the hole and around all the rails hoping this would keep them out.

Since we were up so early we went on a bike ride. We headed out of the park and south on the bike path. We rode halfway across the bridge and back. It was really pretty out there.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the camp site. Jeff found a place he wanted to visit, Lor-e-lei's.  It's located in Islamorda. They have happy hour from 4-6, they also have live music and tonight they had a magician. We left around 3:30 to get there before they got too busy. Well they were busy when we arrived. We found a seat and Jeff took advantage of the happy hour specials. They have drafts for $1.25. While enjoying our drinks I hear there is a manatee. So of course I went over to take a look and a picture. One of the waitress's was pouring him some fresh water. The band...Brothers Of Others started playing at 5 o'clock. They were really good. We ordered a bite to eat. Jeff had the dolphin rueben, and said it was really good. When the band took there first break that's when the magician took the stage. Michael Trixx, he was really good and very impressive. Oh boy what a great night and what a great place to go. We will be back.

Saturday November 26- Both Jeff and I slept really good last night. Then Jeff went to feed the dogs and found Bells's dog food lid completely destroyed. Looks like our critter brought a buddy. Can't believe this.We have been living in this thing for over 4 years and in all that time 1 critter. Now 2 in a couple days. I'm starting to not like this place. So we are off to K-mart for more traps...first thing. Jeff set more traps. We went back out on the water to do some fishing. Can't go wrong with that.

It really was super calm out there so after coming in for lunch we went back out so Jeff could snorkel. I was just watching....It was really pretty out there. The colors of the water is incredible.

We had a wonderful day on the water. We cleaned up the kayaks and ourselves. We were going to have leftovers for supper when Jeff hears a horrible noise....We got our second varmit...theses things our so gross.

Sunday November 27- Started off the morning with a sunrise followed with a walk. They have a path that goes through some trees, along the beach and to the area for tent camping on decks. It was a nice walk for sure.

Next we took the boats out but the water was deceiving. It was to rough for me. I made some soup for supper. Our grand daughter called to show us her Christmas tree she helped decorate. She was very excited. I love how children are so excited for the Holidays. Then I got really dizzy again. I'm having ear issues and it's giving me vertigo. It makes me so dizzy I can't do anything, so I went to lay down. I'm done for today.

Monday November 28- First thing we went to Walgreens to get me some sudafed. When I had ear issues before they told me to try that. I wasn't having the vertigo with it before. I feel better today. The wind has really picked up today. It's super windy. It was still nice to sit outside and enjoy the view, but not be on the water. I did that and worked on the blog a bit. I did some shopping for our grand daughter today for Christmas on line. Just kind of took it easy. Oh did I mention we caught another rat....The sunset was kinda pretty too.

Tuesday November 29- Another super windy day. The wind is crazy. Constant without stopping. Good news is no rat in the trap this morning. Jeff went to go get more traps. This is crazy, we have never had a problem like this. It's ruining our stay and we won't be back. While Jeff was away I did a little cleaning. Jeff decided to go back to Lor-e-lei again tonight. We left early to hit happy hour. Jeff looked at there specials and decided on the chicken taco salad. It looked really good and Jeff said it tasted good too. They had live music again. This time it was Dennis Holmes....super good and very entertaining to watch.

The nice thing about this place is while watching entertainment you can also witness the sun setting...bonus. It was a nice night and everything was good.

We got home early and was just sitting around watching TV. Then as I got up to go to bed and spell with vertigo....this was the worst one yet..It went on for ever. I got really sick. I finally was able to stumble to bed and fall asleep. That is until the rats started running around. We heard one in the trap so I held the dogs while Jeff got rid of it. We both tried to get back to sleep but it really hard not knowing if there are more rats in here. When we got up guess what...another one. Jeff tried to find another place to stay but this time of year in the Keys is impossible. Going to look some tomorrow. Found another hole chewed and the steel wool gone so I used dive weights to cover the holes all around the slide rails.

Wednesday November 30-When I woke up I wasn't dizzy but I felt really tired. Jeff got busy trying to figure out different places we could go. We are suppose to go to Curry again on Friday for 2 weeks. Then we have another 2 weeks here. We will not be using those. Jeff found lots of options. If we go to an RV park it's less expensive if you book a month, but the one he was looking at only had 2 weeks available. Those 2 weeks we had covered. We will come up with something I'm sure. While Jeff was looking at parks, I looked up vertigo and I pretty much have every symptom. I found a doctor to go to tomorrow, I hope they can give me something that will help until we get to our hosting spot in Jupiter. I need to go see a doctor that specializes in ears. I rested most of the day. We also got busy picking up our stuff just in case we need to make a quick get away.

Thursday December 1- Jeff and I both slept really good last night. I think it was neither of us had much sleep the night before. Jeff woke up and thought it seemed really quiet when all the sudden he hears the trap snap....yep we got another...that's 5 but who's counting? This will be our last full day here and we can't wait to get out of here. I've been taking it really easy because I'm trying to avoid another dizzy spell. We got the bikes and kayaks loaded today. Then before my Doctor appointment we went for lunch at The Outpost in Marathon. We ordered pizza and Jeff got a bloody mary. He said it was really good.

After a stupid mix up with the doctor I went and got a prescription. Then to Walgreen's to get that filled. While waiting for my meds I manage to loose my insurance card. Panic set in, but Jeff found my card. We headed home. Jeff found us an RV park just north of LaBelle. Now we will not be returning to this park. Jeff will be cancelling our second 2 week stay here. To many unwelcomed critters here. Tomorrow we will be heading south back to Curry Hammock. We both can't wait to leave here. I would think they could do something about all these rats. Good bye Long Key.