Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Friday, November 4, 2016

Mississippi then Florida

Sunday October 23-This is a traveling day. We had great weather and the traveling went good problems. We had visited this park before and so we knew it some. We left around 8:30 a.m. and arrived about 12:30. We stayed in site #80. It was a full hook up with 50 amp service, water and sewer.  After setting up we had a late lunch. I walked Belle around the campground, Jeff and I walked over across the street to Krogers. Talk about can just walk there.

Monday October 24- It a beauty of a day. I wanted to use there laundry facilities, Jeff had some things he wanted to take care of on the rig. He noticed a problem with our plug. We tried to fix the one we had but thought it would be best to just replace it. So while I was doing laundry Jeff went to Camping World and picked up a new plug. He got busy fixing it when he got back. It went really smooth which is surprising because everything we do usually takes twice as long to do as expected. Only a short stop here on the road tomorrow.

Tuesday October 25- Started off this morning checking out the route we have planned. It's going to be quite a trek. We have a GPS in the truck but as everyone knows they aren't right all the time. We also use the computer before leaving and we have a truckers map too. I can use my phone but we aren't always sure if it's safe since we are pulling this rig. Well we had a small mishap to start, the GPS had us take a wrong turn right in the middle of a busy area. We got lucky though it was easy to flip a u-turn and get going the right way. It was a slow going trip and some of the roads were really rough. We like to travel only about 200 miles at a time, it just keeps everyone a lot happier. Then towards the end of our trip we ran into some road construction that had us crawling for about 20 minutes. The weather was nice though. We arrived at Big Lagoon State Park around 2:30. We had site #49, Jeff had made reservations. We have been here before but it what years ago and we had a much smaller camper. The park ranger informed us that big rigs never stay in that site. Well we found the site and actually didn't have any trouble getting in. It is sandy so we put down the rug. We have 30 amp, and water hook up. Didn't do much the rest of the day, just set things up and got the air on. It's been above normal temperatures here.

Wednesday October 26- Had a day planned....we had to get fuel because we are down to nothing.Jeff found  a gas station so we filled up the empty truck.  Then we went to the Naval Air Station, home of the Blue Angels. We visited this before and went back because the Blue Angels were giving a practice show. They had bleachers to watch or you could rent chairs for $3.00. We got there early and went to the top of the bleachers because they had a fence to lean back on. We have seen the Blue Angels before but never get tired of watching them. What was unique this time is we got to watch them take off and land. Four of them took off at once. definitely something to see. They  had volunteers giving information. They kept your eyes looking in the direction, ready to take pictures. You could also hear the pilots talking some times which was interesting. Oh did I say all this is free, the air show and the museum.

We showed up on a great day because after the air show the pilots were going to be giving autographs. Jeff got a blue angels bandana and I went to get in line. We thought Ashton would like that. We have taken him to a couple air shows in Iowa where he got to see them. He was quite little then but still was very impressed. We did some looking in the museum as well.

Thursday October 27- Nice morning, I went for a short walk around the park. They have some nice walkways through the trees. It's been really rather warm here.

It was such a nice morning I sat outside and quilted, getting so close to being done. Then Jeff and I got the bikes down and went for a ride exploring. We found a perfect spot to launch the kayaks tomorrow. Jeff made our last reservation that we needed to complete our trip.

Friday October 28- Another pretty day. We loaded up everything we needed and headed to the boat launch, it was on the East beach. We sat up some chairs and Jeff's umbrella so we'd have a place to eat our lunch. Next we got int he water. It was a perfect day, warm, sunny and calm waters.

Caught some fish but none were keepers...oh well maybe next time. It felt good being out on the  water in the sunshine. Now for the not so fun part. Getting back and getting all the salt water off of the equipment. Oh well have to take the good with the bad. We cleaned up and planned on going out to eat supper tonight. Jeff found a spot called The Pointe, had lots of good reviews. When I walked in I wasn't sure but when I tasted the food...a good pick. It has been there awhile. It seemed like a family owned restaurant. They offer lots of seafood. I don't care for seafood so I ordered the chicken strips and they were the best ones I've ever had. Homemade for sure. You got 2 sides, I ordered green beans and red potatoes...both really good. Jeff had the shrimp and crab bisque, which he loved. They also had live music starting at 6:30. We hung around to listen for awhile. The band was very blue grassy.

Saturday October 29- We went for breakfast this morning. We spotted another Waffle House, it looked way better than our last one. We had the friendliest waitress and our food was great, like it's suppose to be. We went to Walmart and stocked up on frozen shrimp for fishing. We had company coming over around 2, Derrick Berry, he was friends with our boys growing up. He just moved to this area and has a new wife. They stopped by for a nice visit. I forgot to get pictures. It was nice to see him. It was another hot and humid day. We are leaving tomorrow so we waited for the sun to go down and got things packed up. With the humidity being so high it's nearly impossible to pick up in the morning. With it being so hot out I spent a lot of the afternoon inside and I finished quilting the baby quilt I'm working on.

Sunday October 30- Traveling today to St.Joe...again we had a couple mix ups to start the day. Then we got on the right road, well the road we picked. It wasn't the right road, we traveled on 98E and it was constantly going thru congested areas. It use to be you would go thru a city and then drive out of it. Not so much any more it's all city. So next time we will not chose it to travel on unless it's past Panama City. It made for a super long and stressful day. With the long travel day I managed to get the binding done on all 4 sides of the I'm done! When we arrived at St Joe it was a welcome site. We love this park and Jeff managed to get our favorite site #1. We backed in no problem except for the mosquitos that  were attacking us. Sprayed up and finished the job. We have 50 amp service and water hook up here. We are right across the street from the beach so I had to go take a peek.

We usually stay here in the Spring, it's so quiet here now. Lots of empty spots, which means less people. Went back over to the beach to watch the sun set. It was a beauty.

Monday October 31- Happy Halloween!  Today we are going to try some fishing in the bay, out of the kayaks. It's not windy at all. Lots of sunshine too. We loaded up the kayaks and put them on there wheels. We walked over and launched them. The water was super shallow so we had to paddle for awhile before we could put in the peddle drives. The water looked like glass when we first got in. It was nice that a little wind showed up because it was hot without it.

As we paddled out the water was so shallow and clear. We say a stingray in a sandy spot and a big blue crab run under our kayaks. We got out in some deeper water and started our fishing adventure. We had lots of fun, caught lots of fish but nothing to keep. What a great day on the water.

Tuesday November 1- We had planned to spend today on the beach. Well for you that know Jeff he doesn't just go to the beach, he has to fish. He decided he needed some fish bites so we went to The Trading Post, just located outside the park. The good news is there is an awesome donut shop right in front of the shop. I can't visit this area without getting one of there glazed croissants. It was extremely delicious.

When we got back we headed to the beach. It was a great beach day, it was hot but there was a nice breeze. Jeff didn't have any luck fishing but we spotted a whole school of dolphin that swam along the beach. I have never seen so many together. It was awesome.

 We finished off the day with another beautiful sunset....never get tired of those.

After the sunset we watched the world series. Looks like the Cubs want to win this thing after all. They won tonight and now it's on to game 7.

Wednesday November 2- Our last full day here. First we took a ride around the park. It was super foggy this morning. We are going to town today but wanted to wait until the fog lifted. We needed to fuel up before hitting the road tomorrow. Our bike ride was nice. We have noticed a lot of butterflies here this time. We found a couple bushes that they seem to flock to...pretty neat.

Just as we finished up our bike ride the sky started to clear up and it was blue skies once again. We went in to Old St. Joe. Looked around in the downtown area. We even found a lighthouse. They moved it to this location.

When we were here before we wanted to try this pizza place called Joe Mama's...but it was closed, so this time we found out they don't open til 4:30. That was were we had supper the pizza is wood fired and really good. We enjoyed it. We had dessert which was cheesecake and it was super good.

We headed back home and picked up most of our stuff. Tomorrow we move down the road. We usually stay longer than this and our time went way to fast. Our night was spent watching the world series. It was something to watch. The cubs leading most of the game. The bottom of the 8th Cleveland tied it up. I watched the top of the 9th inning, when the cubs didn't score I went to bed. I couldn't sleep though. I kept checking my phone. After a rain delay and in extra innings....CUBS WIN!!!!...very exciting game....funny thing I'm not even a baseball fan but was happy for all those cub fans for sure...