Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Friday, November 11, 2016

2 Short Stops

Thursday November 3- It's Jeff's birthday today....we will be driving through most of it. We packed up and set off. We had 290 miles to go on mostly 2 lane roads, but at least it wasn't crowded. It was a pretty ride but a long one. We arrived  at Blueberry Hill RV Park in Bushnell,FL We have used this park before and it's super close to the interstate and very well maintained. The people are friendly here and you can wash your vehicles. The sites are super close but easy in and out. They have about everything you need. They have 50 amp service, water, sewer, cable, wifi and laundry facilities. If you want to participate in any kind of activities, they have them. They also have a really nice pool. After we landed and set up I made Jeff a birthday dessert. He celebrated with shrimp for supper.

Friday November 4-This would be our only day here. We used the facilities here, I did the laundry and Jeff washed the truck and camper. So the morning was spent on cleaning. After lunch I went to the pool to enjoy the sunshine, Jeff even came up for a while. It was a short visit but necessary.

Saturday November 5- Another traveling day. We  As we were getting ready to pull out we checked the brake lights and the right side wasn't working. Jeff went across the street and got a bulb....that was an easy fix. Back on schedule. We jumped on interstate 75 which was right next to this park. The traffic was light to start but that didn't last long. You never know what to do. With the interstate's you can usually find a rest area to stop, and there is plenty of room. On the other hand you run into so many people and they are usually in a big hurry so they do stupid things. They don't realize you can't just swerve or stop to avoid there antics. With the 2 lane roads you can't always find a stopping place. You just have to weigh out which one works best for you on that day. We are going to Collier Seminole State Park. We have never been here. We always heard this park wasn't big rig friendly so we avoided it. We also heard they have redone it so we called to make sure there was a spot big enough for us. When we arrived it was arranged a bit different. We found our site #80,  a pull through. As we are setting up a someone in a class C pulled by us and started yelling something. I wasn't sure who it was. You meet a lot of different people and I don't remember everyone's name. The guy took off his sunglasses and then I recognized him. It was Jeff Allerman, I worked for him back in our home town. It's a small world. He now has a house here in Florida and does a lot of traveling in there motor home. We finished setting up and later I took Belle for a walk, they were sitting outside so I stopped and visited. They shared some of there travel stories and so did we.

We had a very nice visit. We went back had some supper and hung around home. I wasn't feeling good so I spent my evening laying down.

Sunday November 6- We got an extra hour of sleep last night because of the time change. Jeff went around the park loop to see if we would have any problems getting out of here. The dump station is in a real awkward place. Since we are only here for 2 nights and they have a brand new shower house right across from us we decided to use that. Jeff just used the blue boy to dump. There is a very low branch right in the way of us leaving our site. Jeff spotted another low branch as well. Today was our only day here. Since we spent a lot of time in the truck yesterday we thought we would walk around the park today. It's really a nice park. They have a boat ramp and a couple interesting things to check out on site.

These are a few of the things we checked out. The building above used to house the park care taker. The big black iron thing is a walking dredge that was used in to build highway 41. They told about the Indians in the area and the man who owned all the land. It was a nice walk with things to enjoy. We both kind of agreed that it's not our favorite park. We had a lot of road noise. The campground is still a bit tight. I did say that the shower house is brand new and really nice. After our walk we drove to town to fill up the truck with fuel. We also had a bite to eat at 5 Guys Burgers. Both of us have been missing this place. After we got back both of us are still not feeling 100% so we just laid around. Tomorrow we head a bit further south. We will be starting our special time in The Keys. We both really look forward to this time every year. We went over our route and think we've got everything figured out. We are arriving in The Keys earlier this year than we have in the past.

Monday November 7- Ready to move south....remember those low branches I talked about, well we were discussing how to avoid them when I spotted the camp ground  hosts. I asked if there was any way we could get them trimmed? They went and checked, got the tree trimmers and got the job done. Boy they really made our day a lot better. On to the Keys....