Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Friday, January 1, 2016

W.P. Franklin

Friday December 18-Well it's moving day and we watched the sun come up. It's a bit messy packing up with all the sand. You sweep and sweep but it's still there. We were sad to leave but again we are going to another new spot. As we were heading out the cord to our GPS shot craps. We have had problems before but now we couldn't get anything. It's dead. We checked the route with the computer and truckers map and used my phone for a make shift GPS. We took highway 1 to the turnpike. We stopped at one of there rest areas which was a bit messy because of the construction. Our route, 75 was busy most of the way but we had no problems getting there. W.P. Franklin is a corp park that's located on the Okeechobee water way. Its really clean and well maintained. Our site #27 is great. We have a concrete pad, 50 amp, water and a great view. What I noticed most was the grass. I think the dogs were happy with the grass too.

Well it was nice to be back in civilization, a little shocking the temperature went from 86 in the Keys to 65 here. We walked the dogs around and checked out the place. The locks are here and a nice fishing pier.

Saturday December 19- Busy, busy, day. We knew we were going to do a lot of cleaning, starting today. They have laundry facilities here so I took advantage of that. We ran to town also. Jeff found a Camping World and wanted to see if he could get a new cord for the GPS. Well we ended up replacing it instead. Our old one wanted to charge every time you updated the maps. The new one includes all updates. We thought this would be a good purchase, getting to our next destination is pretty important. I made the mistake of going to Walmart, we made it out alive...barely.

Sunday December 20- Today was another productive day, we started trying to get a reservation at Long Key for next year. We had some issues but got a spot, so that made us happy. I got busy doing some tasks I've been putting off. We kind of consider the Keys our vacation. I had to defrost the freezer so I made good use of all the frost that had built up....Bring on Christmas.

Once I got started  cleaning it was hard to stop. Really feel good about what was accomplished. Did have one little incident, I have an old elf that was my grandmas. I had it sitting on one of the window boxes inside. That elf kept jumping off so I put it on one of the lights that I thought we never used. Well Jeff decided to use that light and we smelled smoke. Looked outside and I said that's in here. I went over and the poor elf has a terrible burn on his back side. Note to self...don't sit anything on the lights.

Monday December 21- Today we went to town to wash the truck, also some running. The best thing was our lunch at 5 Guys. That was quite a splurge for us, boy did it taste good. We fought the crowds again but made it home safe. We have found that the campers here are very friendly so we have been visiting with them. This park also has hook ups for boats to camp, that's fun to watch them come in.

Tuesday December 22- Well the temperatures have risen to above normal. When we woke up we noticed that the A.C. in the camper quit working. Well it was still dark out so I wanted Jeff to wait before heading up to the roof. Funny thing is the A.C. in the bedroom has been broke but when he tried it it worked...go figure. When the sun came up Jeff went up and it seems the freeze protection sensor has fallen out and so it froze up. We waited patiently for it to thaw and then Jeff put the sensor where it's suppose to go and off it went. We were happy that it was a simple fix. I cleaned up that outside rug so I could layer up my quilt. Have to pin the layers together so I can start the quilting process. It's big so it will take a while. Jeff walked to the pier and did a little luck.

Wednesday December 23- Happy Anniversary to us. Funny thing is we both thought it was 39 years and after some figuring its only 38. We celebrated with brunch at one of our favorite places....Waffle House. They have a good one here too real friendly and great food. We went to a movie, The Heart Of The Sea. It was pretty good but not very festive for the Christmas season. Again we battled with the traffic but we made it home safe.

Thursday December 24- Its Christmas Eve but you'd never know it with the weather. It way above normal on the temperature. We decided to have our dinner tonight. I made the dessert, the most important thing. Jeff put a turkey breast in the crock pot. We did a lot of visiting with our neighbors today. I got my quilt marked and started the quilting on it. Seth face timed us so we could watch the grandkids open their Christmas pajamas that we get for them every year. Our turkey had a problem, it didn't want to get done. I had everything else ready and the turkey wasn't. Finally it was done and it was a good one that's for sure.

Friday December 25- Merry Christmas to everyone. I have to say that's the one draw back about this life style, missing the holidays. We got the pups a Christmas gift so that was fun to watch.

We waited for our face time call to watch the kids open there gifts. That makes it easier being a little part of there Christmas. You really can see the excitement in there faces.

After our call the neighbors Mike and Sandy invited us out for a ride in their boat. Well of course we excepted. Another couple, Randy and Jeanie came along as well. It was a wonderful way to see the area, and get to know some new people.

 We got a phone call from our other son too. At least if we cant be with them its nice to wish them a Merry Christmas. It sounds like a good time was had by all. We just had leftovers from our turkey yesterday. I hope every one had a great day spent with the ones you love.

Saturday December 26-I wanted to go to Manatee Park and look for manatees. Well that was a bust. Since its been so warm they haven't come in to find warm water. They stay out where the food is at. We stopped at the store before going back. Was going kayak but the wind picked up again. Jeff decided to do the updates for the new GPS, it said it would use approximately a half gig. Well let me tell you they weren't even close. It used closer to 4 gigs. So if you ever update your GPS go somewhere where there is free internet, unless you have unlimited usage. The good news is Jeff called Verizon and ended up getting a better plan for less money.

Sunday December 27-Really pretty sunrise to start the day. It seems the humidity is a little lower, that's a welcome change. What we like about this place is you can just hang out and relax. There is always something to look at or someone to visit with. That's what we did most of the day.

Monday December 28- It's Soffee's 14th birthday today and she seems very excited about that. We walked around the loop and there are lots of people leaving today. We are leaving here tomorrow so we went ahead and packed up some stuff. We find if you go outside and sit for any amount of time you get a visit from these guys.

We had a visiting session at the shelter area with some new people that just pulled in on a boat. That seemed to be a where all the boat campers went. This couple was a hoot, he was 92 and she didn't tell her age but brought out a jar of bracelets that she made and gave us each one. We should all be as fortunate to be traveling around at that age. We checked the route for tomorrows trip. We really hope we can make it back here next year, we loved it.