Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Settled In At JD

Monday January 18- It's a new week here at Jonathan Dickinson.  We just can't get a break in the weather. I just keep telling myself, its better than Iowa's weather. I'm glad we have 16 weeks here because we can be patient and wait for the better weather. I have been working on a couple scrapbooks for my best friend's grandkids that graduated. So I haven't been too bored being inside. It was really cool this morning and not much wind so Jeff made us a campfire to have our coffee by.

I have to admit we have become big babies with the cold weather, even the dogs were cold today. We decided to take a walk on a path through the back country here at the park.  We found out a few days ago that geocaching is big in this park. They had a geocachpalooza here and there were about 300 participants. That gave us the notion to do a little geocaching ourselves. We didn't have to travel very far to find them because there are so many in the park. Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity in which the participants use a GPS to hide and seek containers called geocaches. A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook with a pen or pencil. When you find it you put your name and date on the log book. There are all different sizes, and some are easier than others to find. Jeff was the winner today he found 2 and I found 1.

The next three days are our work days, it's getting easier the more we do it. We have had the weather to deal with. When the weathers nice it's really quite fun being out and about among the campers. We have ran into many people we have met at other parks. Actually Thursday we have some friends coming back to the park and we have invited them for dinner. We made them fish that we caught while in the Keys. Everything turned out great and the evening was a big success.


Friday January 22- It seems Friday's have become our movie days. That should change when the weather warms up. We went and saw the movie The Big Short. Jeff liked it, I didn't so much. On a better note the popcorn was good. It's rained most of  the day.
Saturday January 23- It's another cold day today so instead of staying inside we went for lunch at 5 Guys and did some shopping. We waited to here from our son Seth about Ashton's hockey games. It looks like they will be in the championship game again tomorrow. They had 2 games today and they won both of them. Tomorrow is the championship game. They are playing in Dubuque Iowa.
Sunday January 24- It's even colder today. When we got up the temperature was 38....that's cold. We went back to Generation Church and today was special because they had a different worship group. It was made up of college age students and they were awesome. Left there feeling better about everything. The sun is out today so we could get out and walk around the campground. It seems everyone had the same idea so along with our walking we did some visiting as well. We found out that our grandsons team got beat today. I'm sure they were disappointed.

Monday January 25- It's not as cool this morning and so I took a good walk. We had an early lunch because we are heading to The Palm Beach Kennel Club to watch the dog races with Jeffrey and Maren. They have never been and Jeff and I always have fun going so we made plans to attend. The races started at 1 o'clock. We missed the first 2 races but we took part in the next 8 or 9 races. We really don't know exactly what we are doing but we sure have fun trying. We didn't make a fortune but we did come out ahead, so to us that's a win.


After leaving the races we made one stop at Costco. We are not members but Jeffrey and Maren are so they got us in. We don't really buy in bulk but we found a couple things that we had to have. It was a fun day and it was nice to be outside in some sunshine.
Tuesday January 26- The start of our work week, today it was a bit warmer, they next 2 days it was a mess. It really rained on Wednesday with warnings for bad storms. We managed to get everything done but not as early as usual. We had to wait for weather. Then on Thursday we thought we would go early. We did get some done but we still got wet. Every time we  got in that cart it would start raining. We looked rather funny because we would hold an umbrella out in front of us to keep the rain from coming in the front. It sure makes it hard in the rain.

 Friday January 29-Today there was no rain....its still a little cool but no moisture falling from the sky so that is good. I went for a nice walk and after got busy making stuff for our first volunteer potluck that happens tonight. Since ranger Tom gives us fresh eggs I decided to make some deviled eggs. I was a bit worried because I know how hard it is to peel them eggs. I got on line and found a trick I was going to try. I steamed them and then put them in ice water the good news... they peeled really easy. I was super excited because most of those tricks never work for me.
I also received some ripe bananas from someone else so I made banana bread. It is suppose to be kind of cool tonight so I made soup to take. Our dinner was at 6 p.m. and we had a great turn out and lots of yummy foods to share. We played a game of trivia after and some how I ended up with the most correct guess's....go figure.
Saturday January 30- It was another cool start but it warmed up fairly quick. Jeff made us a campfire and after we went for a walk. I got Jeff to walk up to Hobe Mountain tower. It was a really nice day for a walk. We also did a few more geocaches. We got some nice pictures. It was just really nice to be out in the sunshine.

Since it was so nice we decided to take advantage of it. After some lunch we headed over to the beach. Jeff wanted to try the surf fishing and I just wanted to enjoy the beach. The sun went and hid so it was a little chilly. The view was still really nice. Jeff didn't catch anything but saw some fish jumping in the water.

We stopped for pizza on our way home. It was a full fun day spent outside in the good weather.
Sunday January 31- The end of the weekend. We started that day at church. We both are still excited about finding this church. It's a great way to end the week, or to start the new week. We signed up for a life group today so we are going to jump right in to the church. We want to get connected and get to know people and thought this was the best way. We are excited about this too. Today was a nice day outside, kind of cloudy but nice to sit out and quilt. That's what I did. We can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by. It looks like we will be coming back here next year. Oh I wanted to show you some of the turtles we saw in the area.