Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer's a Coming

Monday May 25- Well I guess this means summer is officially here. Happy Memorial Day everyone especially those that have served. We had quite a lot of rain last night. That seems to happen most of our memorial day weekends. Our power went off for awhile. When we got up it seemed the water pressure is not quite right. Jeff went and checked things out and we have a problem. Our water comes from a well which uses a pump. There is a problem with the pump. Jeff called someone and tried to reset the water pump but it didn't work. So we had to close the shower houses. If we have no pump, we have no water. The park ranger showed up and got things running. Our campground is still pretty full. Its nice that the park is used. One thing we like about this park even when we are full up its still really quiet. I made some stuff to take to Seth and Katie's for a fish fry. Jeff brought some shrimp to grill for him. It turned out to be a beautiful day, with the sun shining. Justin and Molly joined us. It was a nice meal and good to be around family, celebrating a newly engaged couple. After eating Hailey was ready for another bike riding lesson. She is doing really good. Before she would only ride uphill we talked her in to trying riding downhill. She so fun to watch because she's so serious.

After a few rides and even a couple crashes the big kids had to crazy boys.........

Went to Orange Leaf for some dessert, it was yummy as usual. We went over to Justin's for a Italian beef sandwich and to watch the Blackhawk's. It was an exciting game but the final score wasn't
what we wanted. Ducks win. The series is 3-2 ducks. This is one exciting series that's for sure.

Tuesday May 26-Raining this morning. We got things cleaned up around here after everyone left. Katie had to go out of town for work so we went to pick up Hailey for a visit.

Wednesday May 27-Well we had a busy day today. Hailey kept us hopping. She insisted on helping me clean the shower house. Then she wanted to go for a walk. We walked down to the beach and spotted some ducks and there babies. Sissy was excited about that.

We walked back and had some lunch, Hailey wanted to go back to the beach to see if the ducks were still there and show papa. Well papa brought the metal detector so they got to look for treasure.

They found some junk but they did find a quarter........that was exciting for all. We had supper then Hailey wanted to try fishing, so we walked down to the dock and gave it a try. We didn't catch anything but had fun trying. Listened to the Blackhawks on the radio, another exciting game but with better results. They've tied the series.

Thursday May 28- Sissy slept in late and still wanted to help me clean. Then we went down to see if the ducks were at the beach she wanted to feed them. So away we went. Success!!!

We stayed and played in the sand a bit then headed back to the camper. After lunch we made cookies so Sissy could take some home. I haven't been baking because of our was fun. We played outside and found another surprise. There was a bunny behind our camper. After looking a little closer we found out its a bunny nest....there are babies....Can't wait to meet them. We went in for Ashton's hockey practice and to drop off Hailey, sure makes it quiet when the kids go fun to have them visit.

Friday May 29- Today it was rainy so I stayed in a lot. I did get my walk in. I worked a lot on my nieces t-shirt quilt, one more row to tie. It cleared up enough that Jeff got the kayak in the lake. He tried fishing but no luck. It started to rain and the wind picked up so Jeff got pretty wet. Made stir fry for supper.

Saturday May 30-It was really cloudy most of the day. Seth called and invited us to come in to eat with them. We went back to Hurricanes. Last time it was really good this time the service was super slow. Our company was pretty entertaining though. We made a few stops in town and then headed to Seth's to watch the Blackhawks win this series!!!!!On to the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!!!YEAH!!!!!

Sunday May 31-It was a bit chilly this morning but the sun was shining. I got busy sewing the binding on the quilt and then sewing the binding down by hand.....I finished it. So happy to be done.

Monday June 1-Mondays always seem to be our busy get things done day. We spend more time cleaning the shower house. We both had made to do lists. Went to town and mailed off  the quilt to California. Then on to the stores. Got our groceries. When I got home I started the laundry. We both got our walks in. Jeff was working on changing the fuel filter when we got a surprise. Had a big 5th wheel pull in. The people jumped out and we had met these folks at Grayton Beach in Florida. They had a Carriage Cameo, so we had talked. Well they thru us a curve because they had bought a new rig.
They are staying a few nights, then heading north towards home. We let them set up and planned on getting together later.

Tuesday June 2-It was a really nice day today. I did my walk early. I was doing a bit of cleaning inside when I heard a knock on the door. It was another surprise...Lenny, we met him last year when we were here. He is a retired Cedar Rapids firefighter from Palo. Jeff visited with him for a while. We also visited with Kathy and Jim. They let us look at there new rig. It a Mobile Suite, and very nice. We planned on going for supper tonight at a local place. Since I finished one quilt, its time to start another. I started cutting fabric. We went to dinner around 5:30 at Brogans Pub. We had pizza and it was tasty. The company was good too. We came back home and went over to play a new card game, 7's. Never played it before. It was Jim & I against Jeff & Kathy. They started off really whipping us but we came back with a vengeance and won the game. A come from behind victory.

Wednesday June 3-Nice day to start, it looked like we were really going to get hit with some serious rain, but that fizzled out. I got a message from Molly, she's got an appointment to try on some wedding dresses today and asked if I wanted to join them. Well heck yes. I've got boys so I definitely wanted to experience this. Jeff even let us leave early so I could go to the quilt shop to get fabric. It was really fun looking at the pretty dresses. She looks beautiful in all of them so whatever she chooses will be perfect.

To finish off the night we watched the first game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Blackhawks got it done......a big W.

Thursday June 4- Today we just kind of  hung around here. We did the usual things, shower house, walk. It's getting a little more habit like, the walking thing. That makes me happy. I did some more fabric cutting. Seth called me to see if we were going to come watch Hailey's first tumbling class...we were all in for that. Went in a bit early so Jeff could wash the truck. When we got to the tumbling place there was a mix up, no tumbling tonight. Sissy was very upset. We headed out but decided to make one more stop. We stopped at Morgan Creek  to visit with the camp host...Pat was there but Lou wasn't. So we had a really nice visit with her. Comparing stories.

Friday June 5- Its a nice day out there, I checked on the bunnies and I can see that they are growing. I had an exciting afternoon planned. Katie only works a half day on Friday and Molly's off so we had a beach day. Katie had some of her friends come too. It was a hot, sunny day and so much fun.

We also had Kettlesen's come and work on our air conditioner. It wasn't what they expected but it was running when they left. Hoping it keeps on working. Getting ready for a busy weekend.

Saturday June 6- I got my quilt all put together. We just hung around here most of the day. We are watching the weather, they are calling for rain but we hope it waits. We are planning on attending the Arts Festival in Iowa City tonight. The BoDeans play at 9 p.m. We went early and set up our chairs. There was another band playing and they sounded great. We listened for a while but wanted to get to a bar to watch the hockey game. We watched some of it but went back to watch the concert. The Blackhawk's got beat...bummer. The concert was a success, really good.

Sunday June 7- Big day at the park today...They are having a big Pigman Triathalon sprint here. It starts at 7:30 a.m. I went to make sure the shower house was ok before heading down to watch. It rained pretty hard last night so it was delayed just a little. They had around 800 athletes. We watched the elite women and elite men do the swimming, then moved up to watch the biking and the run. The race consists of a .5K swim, a 25K bike ride, and a 5K run.

We stayed long enough to watch the first to finish, both woman and man. They were very impressive. They finished in a little over an hour...Wow! We went back home and watched all the campers pull out. Its quiet around here now. Its been a busy couple of weeks. We are happy its warming up a bit and the rain has slowed down. We like our campground and are happy to be here.