Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Friday, February 20, 2015

Lake Louisa

Sunday February 8- Before we hit the road we had to go back to Bayside Church. Again we loved the worship, message and the feel of this church. Went to the first service and then we went back to our rig and finished packing up. We didn't have far to travel so we weren't in a hurry to leave. After looking up our route decided to stick with the interstate route. Traffic wasn't bad, we think maybe the weekends aren't too bad to travel, at least you are missing all those commuting to work.

We have visited this park before so that always helps when you're pulling in. We are in the first loop, site #18. We backed in with no problems and unloaded our stuff. Its really nice today with blue sky and warm temps. We have a full hook up with 50 amp service. Its a quiet park until about 9 or 10 o'clock. At that time you can hear the fireworks at Disney. Its all good they only last about 10 or 15 minutes.  We took the doggies for a walk and called it a day.

Monday February 9- When we got up it was nice out. The weather man said rain but it seems to be taking its time showing up. Went ahead and got the bikes and boats down. Jeff rode his bike up to the rangers station to drop off some mail. That's a 6 mile round trip. This is a big park with lots of biking, hiking and fishing. There are a number of lakes to enjoy, Louisa, Dixie, and Hammond to name a few. There are lots or trails and they provide you with a map to pick one suited for you. They range from 1/2 mile to 5 1/2 miles....something for everyone. I went for a walk when Jeff got home and I got sprinkled on a bit on my way home. The rain arrived around noon and rained the rest of the day. Our Soffee has another tummy ache today.

Tuesday February 10-Well Soffee seems better today so that's good. Its a bit cool out there but the suns shining. We both got our walks in. Decided to head to town for lunch and supplies. Lunch was at  Outback and was really good. Then we made a trip to WalMart....that place was crazy busy. It was like a weekend or something. We got our stuff and headed back. While I was unloading I noticed we was missing a few things. Great we left a bag. I wasn't going back today so I made a phone call to tell them we would be back but not today. Since it's cool we thought chili sounded good for supper.

Wednesday February 11- Jeff had one thing one his mind today, washing the truck. Its so hard to find self service car washes. It seems everyone either drives thru or has somebody do it for them. Well we found one and made our way there. Its wasn't far away either. We also went back to get our sack at WalMart. After washing the truck we stopped at The Showcase of Citrus.

Quite a place to stop. You can pick your own citrus from the tree or from the shelve. They have big monster trucks you can ride thru the orchards. Lots of unique goodies to purchase. Its really a fun time for families with lots of stuff for kids to enjoy.

We got some citrus fruit from the shelve, Jeff purchases some Vidalia onion relish, fresh orange juice and I got a orange juice slushy, which was awesome. It was a wonderful day and before leaving we walked out to the orchards to smell the sweet smell of citrus. Wonderful.

Since the weather was so nice I decided to get some laundry done. We have been watching to see when the rocket launch was going to take place. It had been cancelled a couple times but tonight was the night. Wasn't sure if we would be able to see it but we could. First we just saw a trail of smoke but then we saw the flame following the rocket.

Thursday February 12- Its a cool day again but really nice for walking. Jeff talked to them at Jonathon Dickenson and it looks like we will be hosting there next winter. We are both excited for that. We loved the park and the area. It warmed up enough to get the dog bathed. We visited with our neighbors Meran and Jeff. They are full time rvers too. We decided to go out and celebrate our new job and the neighbors came with. We made our way to the Red Lobster and enjoyed a wonderful meal and great conversation. They showed us that from top of a hill here in the park you can see a Disney hotel from here. We keep thinking we should make our way there some evening to watch the fireworks.

Friday February 13- We decided to celebrate Valentines Day early. We took a road trip to Kissimee to go to Camping World. If in Kissimee better stop at Krispy Kreme for doughnuts.

Yep they were hot and as yummy as I remember. At Camping World we found a few things we couldn't live without. So after that we headed back home. The traffic was just crazy there. We have been trying to get ahold of some old friends from high school. They live in Lakeland and we wanted to get together and catch up. We got a call back from Paul and it looks like we will be heading there tomorrow.  It was game night so we played skipbo... I win...again.

Saturday February 14- Happy Valentines Day everyone. It's another chilly day here in Central Florida. Not complaining its better than Iowa. We drove over to Lakeland after lunch. Traffic was light. We didn't have any issues finding there house. We went there the last time we visited Lake Louisa 2 years ago. Paul and Jann Lowary moved here right after high school. Jeff and Paul have some dandy adventures to talk about. They have purchased a 5th wheel and a new truck to travel when they retire. We answered some questions they had. It was great to get together and catch up.
We stayed as long as we could without having to drive in the dark. Traffic driving  back wasn't bad either. We noticed a sign saying traffic was backed up ahead so we stopped off to get a sandwich and we avoided any traffic. It was a great day. The weather has been cooler than normal so it seems we have only been able to take walks and visit. Oh well, its been a great week.