Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lake Louisa part 2

Sunday February 15- Another Sunday another church. This one we have attended before. Real Life is the name. We came 2 years ago and its really grown. My step brothers ex wife lives in the area and attends this church so we got to see her. She told us that this church is busting at the seams. They are in the process of building a new bigger auditorium. We loved this church as well. Its nice to walk into a new church and already feel a part of it. People can really be friendly. After church we headed home to say goodbye to our neighbors Meran and Jeff. We will see them next year at Jonathon Dickinson for sure. We fixed us a brunch. Then we got to watch the Blackhawks play. They don't put to many games on national TV so it was a treat. We walked the dogs and had a yummy crock pot roast for supper. Looking forward the Saturday Night Live 40 year special that's on tonight.

Monday February 16- Jeff woke up not feeling good. Its a nice day today it got up in the 70's today. I took my walk then headed in to get some cold medicine for Jeff. Since Jeff wasn't feeling so good I decided to get some cleaning done. I did some laundry, vacummed, swept and even gave Belle a haircut. Had some more time so I cut my hair too. Had a easy supper and watched TV.

Tuesday February 17- Jeff thought he felt a bit better. I was glad cause its movie day. We went to the movie. Jeff made us vegetable soup for supper. Its raining again. Jeffs feeling worse as the day goes on.

Wednesday February 18- We decided to take Belle into the vet again. She had a issue with blood in her urine before and after meds we thought she was better. That's not the case she's having the same problem. We took her in and this time we had them do the xray....she has bladder stones and they wanted to do surgery tomorrow. We were shocked at the estimate they gave us so we decided to do some research on this with other vets. She doesn't have any other symptoms so we are gonna give her some medicine and put her on a prescription diet til we can get back home and get the surgery done. We just hope and pray she doesn't get worst cause then obviously would have to get the surgery done right away. Its hard on the road when the dogs get sick. There are lots of vets but some of them just charge such crazy prices. Well that's how we started our day, and so it was a stressful day for sure. Jeff still feels like crap.

Thursday February 19- Hey baby its cold outside. Started off in the 40's. Ok we have become wimps. Jeff just can't seem to shake this bug. I decided to make good use of my time and clean stuff out. I started with the bedroom closet. I cleaned out drawers, the oven/microwave and the sinks. Since we decided to wait on Belle's surgery I went back over to pick up the paperwork and prescription. I stopped and got Jeff and I a sandwich on my way home at Jimmy Johns. I went for a walk around the park to soak up some sunshine.

The views while walking are magnificent and it motivates you to get out and enjoy. This park is easy to enjoy. Its peaceful with its own special beauty.

Friday February 20- Woke up to another cold one, Jeff still feels horrible. I decided to take on one of my favorite jobs.....defrosting the freezer. I'm kidding, its not that fun. After I finished that I noticed that I was starting to feel crappy, great. We both spent a lot of time laying around tonight. We had plans that we wanted to do but with this bug we both have caught we haven't had much energy to do much. We did have a visitor that kept tapping on our back window.

Saturday February 21- Well its official, I'm sick. This is our last day here and so we usually take the day to clean up and pack up. With us having a full hookup here and not at our next stop I wanted to catch up all the laundry. We also ran to town to get a few groceries, and fill up the truck. The weather has warmed up which feels real good. We managed to get everything packed up, good thing cause both of us were running out of energy. Spent the rest of the night resting. Jeff still doesn't feel 100 percent. Tomorrow we move to Silver River State Park. It's only about 60 miles away. We hope we feel better for the tip tomorrow, but we'll see. We didn't seem to accomplish much at this park, we had more we wanted to do. This stupid flu bug really put a damper on our final week...I did get a lot of cleaning done. So it was somewhat productive.