Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Palo Here We Don't Come.....

Tuesday June 4th we packed up and headed to Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area just north of Palo, IA. Wanted an early start cause the weather looks like rain. Imagine that. Our plan was to go to there for a week. Ashton had asked many times to go fishing so that's what we were gonna do. We called before heading out cause they have one loop closed for improvements. They let us know there was a few spots open for first come first serve. We arrived found a spot but before pulling in we had to fill up the water tank cause you don't have a spigot on site. It was a pull through site so easy to get into. Ashton got to help chalk the wheels and he was willing to help do whatever. Jeff went to plug in the surge protector and it kept showing low voltage. That was a problem and it was working at our last site. Jeff tried another spot and same thing. He thought it was because of the electrical work they have been doing. Decided to hook back up and move to Squaw Creek  just to be safe. Ashton was a bit upset cause his heart was set on fishing. We promised him we would definitely get him fishing soon.

Pulled into Squaw Creek and got a  prime spot again close to the shower house for shelter with this crazy weather. When we plugged the power management system still showed a  voltage problem. Jeff contacted the company and they said something had happened to one of the boards so he had to send it back in for them to replace. Not sure what happened. Got everything set up but the weather didn't really cooperate all that well. We did get a bike ride in here and there but couldn't get too far from home cause when we did it would rain. Wednesday night had to take Ashton into hockey practice. Thursday and Friday it was some nice but rain always managed to find its way into the day. Friday night Jeff went downtown with Justin to watch Brandon Gibbs play. I stayed back. I was inside working on a quilt and I kept hearing a weird noise. Finally that strange noise got the best of me I went out to look. People were outside looking up so I looked up and saw a hot air balloon. It was so low  you could see the people waving . I thought they would hit the trees that's how low they were.

Saturday stayed around the campground til evening went to Seth's to watch the Blackhawks. I also recovered there kitchen chairs. Sunday was such a long day. It rained again. We were looking forward to Monday cause it was suppose to be nice. It took most of that day to get nice. Again on Tuesday very cloudy. We had to get out so we went into Marion for lunch and to check out there downtown area.  We had lunch at Zoeys Pizza and then walked around downtown. I managed to find a chocolate shop..yum! We had some nice weather on Wednesday during the day but severe weather moved in later in the afternoon so we didn't go in to watch hockey practice. Luckily we didn't get that weather it went north. Then it happened a beauty of a day on Thursday. We loaded up the kayaks and made our way out to Pleasant Creek. Jeff did some fishing, I just enjoyed the sunshine.

Thursday night Justin brought out his puppy (Barkley the wonder dog). We are watching him this weekend. Wasn't sure how my dogs are gonna like it but they'll have to adjust. The bad news is the puppy doesn't like his collar, his leash, or being tied up. Looks like we have some training to do. We discovered Barkley likes to walk on the leash if he's following our dogs. We thought the walk would wear him out for bed. We put him in his kennel and headed to bed. I figured he would whine  a bit but not for 11/2 hours. Jeff wanted me to do something after 5 minutes. I knew it would take a bit but not that long.

We went for a drive on Friday to check out some  other campgrounds. We walked the dogs to try and wear Barkley down for sleeping. Well he wasn't very good . Jeff went to check on him about midnight cause he woke up whining, next thing I know he's bringing him back to bed. Nope that's not gonna happen we have a 2 dog limit in our bed. I took him back out to the kennel and I slept in the recliner. I think it was the raining that bothered him tonight.

Saturday turned out pretty nice so we decided to go to the farmers market. There were sure lots of people there and they all loved Barkley, I could have given him away more than once. We stayed around the campground in the afternoon and then went to Seth's to watch the Blackhawks. They lost. We had one more night with Barkley so we were hoping he would sleep tonight. Put him down and only whined for 10 minutes and slept the whole night....yippee!!
Sunday, Father's Day we decided to make it a relaxing stay at home day. I made brunch for Jeff. The weather was better so we did get to enjoy the outside a bit. I made spaghetti bread for supper. Justin came and picked up his dog and it was back to normal. We had one more full day here before moving. It was nice on Monday a bit warm but no rain. Jeff did some cleaning on the rig. We headed in to have a late lunch at Red Lobster. One of Jeff's favorite places to eat. Tomorrows moving day ...