Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Time Fly's At JD

Monday February 27-We hung around the campground today. Jeff started the day off on the roof of the rig. Our A.C. has been tripping the breaker and Jeff did some research. He learned of a few things he should check before calling someone. Well when he took off the cover he spotted some burnt wires. He fixed them and we did some cleaning of the unit as well. Hoping that we fixed it, I guess we'll see. It was a pretty view.......

We did some laundry, cleaning and some hammock laying. Then after supper we headed into Jupiter and went to the bowling alley. This bowling sure is fun but the time, well it's not so good. The good thing is I finally broke all 3 games. I'm showing a bit of improvement....a very little bit.

Tuesday February 28-Woke up to rain. It was pouring...sideways. We waited for it to slow down before going to work. We got very lucky because it stopped early in the morning, when it was suppose to rain all day. It's not bad cleaning the shower house in the rain, but cleaning the sites and driving that cart...not so good. We got done fairly early today. I ran into town to do a Walmart run. It's not our favorite thing to do but today I got an ultimate red velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. They have them at Walmart...kind of cashy but worth it. It was really good, for a special treat. 

Wednesday March 1- Wow we can't believe we have been here for 2 months already. We worked again today. We had a very pleasant surprise today. Just as we were finishing up the last shower house, we saw a car slow down right by us. That isn't that unusual but we hear, are you the Marlin's? They looked familiar..then we remembered. It was Lee and Katie Martin. We met them our first year on the road. It was at Ortonna South, located close to LaBelle Florida. He and Jeff had quite a bit in common. Both retired firefighters and both like sailing. That gave them a lot to talk about. We saw them a couple more times that first year but not since. That's one of the great things about staying put here for an extended amount of time. You get to see a lot of the campers you have met through the years. They were only here 1 night so we got together and did a quick catch up. They now know where they can find us. It was really good getting together.

Friday March 3- It was super cloudy with crazy wind. We did some changing of our plans. I'm not going out in a boat with this wind. Went out for breakfast, at Time To Eat. They have really good breakfast there and it's reasonable. Next stop the store, we went for milk and bread but came out with much more than that. Since the weather hasn't improved Jeff took me to Marshalls to do a bit of shopping. Jeff even joined in on the fun. We went home for awhile then back out to see a movie. We went to see The Shack. It was really good but I did have an encounter with a grouchy lady that was sitting next to me. You see you have to pick your seats when you buy your ticket. There was a mix up in the seats and instead of asking nice she was just downright grumpy. The movie was still good.

Saturday March 4- We didn't really have much planned for today. The wind just won't quit. We still have some sun but the wind is wicked. I stayed in and started cleaning out every cabinet and closet. I have a lot to donate. Jeff had heard something about a new restaurant/bar. It is called the Square Grouper. We had planned to go early before it got too busy and listen to there live music. Well when we arrived the place was packed. Not a table or bar stool to be found. The guy playing the music you couldn't even hear. The place is right on the waterway. Way to busy and loud for us. We were going to eat there but you have to order at the bar and pick it up when it's done. Not that I mind that but you where on your own to find a table. We decided we would maybe try another time not on the weekend. We left there and went to Tiki 52, we know what to expect there. It's a nice place to gather without too much noise but always have good live entertainment.

Well we are sitting there listening to the music and these 2 gals walk in. I said to Jeff, doesn't that look like Amanda, the volunteer from Trappers? Well it was and she had a gal named Olive with her. Jeff went over and brought them over. Amanda introduced us and later Kip joined us. He is Amanda's husband. We have talked before at the volunteer get together's. Well they were going out for supper and invited us to join them. Well since we skipped out of the other place we didn't have any other plans so we took them up on there invite. We headed to Juno Beach and found the restaurant. It was called The Reef Grill. We had about a 30 minute wait but when you are with fun folk the time passes fast. We sat down and took a look at the huge menu. Everybody's food was great and for a bonus...they had creme brulee. I got one of those. The evening started with a disappointment but ended with a wonderful surprise with great people.

Sunday March 5- Its church day and since finding Generation Church we can't wait for Sunday. We go to the the first service which starts at 8:30. The wind is still going strong. We went for lunch at Grimaldi's. They have great coal fired pizza. It was really good. When we came out and was heading for the truck we could see the smoke from a wild fire in Palm Beach Gardens. This wind is so bad the thought of those fires are super scarey.

Monday March 6- Will this wild wind ever stop?.....not today. We aren't going to stay inside today. We have a list of things we still want to get done before we leave. There is so much to do here it's hard to get it all in. We started off the day with a drive to Carlin Park. Again we have heard people talk about this beach so we thought we would go by and see it. It was so windy the water looked like a boiling pot. There was one brave soul out there on a wind surfer...I thought he had to be crazy.

After the beach we went to the Loggerhead Turtle Rescue. We got to see the turtles that they have rescued and nursed back to health. Who doesn't love a turtle?

We arrived there right after they opened. It didn't take long for this place to get busy. So we moved on to our next adventure. Back in the truck and off to Busch Wildlife Rescue. We have been here before too but it's free to get in and they have lots of animals to enjoy. You can't go wrong with that. I brought my camera here and spent a lot of time getting the perfect shot. So I will share some of them with you. Believe me I took plenty.


Bald Eagle

Turtle with a moss coat
Smiling Alligator

We sure had a great time wondering the grounds and enjoying all the critters. We recommend this place for's a great time with plenty to see.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- These are our work days. Usually we start around 7:30 am, and normally are finished at 1 or 1:30 depending one when the campers leave. It's been different this year. seems we have more people leaving more often. That or there stays are shorter. We did finally get a break from the wind. It seemed really weird walking out and it seemed so calm. I had a weird dizzy spell on Wednesday but it didn't last long. We have really got in to a nice schedule. It is nice that everyone does there job and everyone gets along. We have great volunteers here.

Friday March 10- We had a big day planned out. First we went for breakfast at Time To Eat. We both love this place. It's got anything you could want, it's reasonable, and the service is good. Then we headed out to Trapper Nelson's. It is part of the park but to drive to it you have to leave the park. You can take a boat to it from the park. We are going out to see the volunteers there, Kip and Amanda. They promised to give us a behind the scene tour. It is kind of a interesting drive to get there. The last leg you have to have keys to open the gate, and drive on primitive road, kind of a path.

Then in the distance we spotted it the Starship Enterprise...that' what another volunteer named there HUGE rig. We knew we were in the right place. They gave us a tour of there home and we met there dogs. Then we loaded up on there golf cart for our tour of this wonderful place.

They drove us around and showed us all the neat hidden little areas that most never get to see. It was a wonderful way to see everything.

After touring the area that most don't see we went back to the area where most do get to see and looked there. It was a pretty day and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. We even had a visit from a manatee.

To our surprise when we got back to there rig they said they were going to start lunch. We hadn't planned on that.  It was so good. We really thanked them for the hospitality and the amazing tour. We will be back. Thanks again Kip and Amanda.

We didn't expect to be gone that long but it was great. We made our way back home to tend to our dogs.

Saturday March 11- Today was a beauty of a day. The wind is back to normal, but it is pretty warm. I did the laundry and Jeff washed the truck. We had company over for a visit. Don and Karen came over about 3:30. Then we loaded up and went to Tiki 52. Went for drinks and live music. It seems like everyone had the same idea. Parking was hard to find. When we went in it wasn't packed like we thought. It seems the weather is perfect for boating today and this place is located in the Blowing Rocks Marina. It still was busier than we had seen it. We lingered there a bit than on to get supper. We went to Crafty Crust Pizza. This place is small and last time we waited 30 minutes for a table. Not this time we walked right in and found a booth. It was good and so was our company.

It was an early night but we have to spring forward tonight. We made sure to change the clocks before going to bed.

Sunday March 12- Boy morning sure rolled around quick. We had to be at church early today to greet. We made it with time to spare. So glad we went always leave way happier than you arrive. The rest of the day was spent hanging around here. We got a little rain in the afternoon. Haven't seen much of that this winter. Til next time.........