Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The End Of Summer

Monday September 5- We are starting this week off with a's Ashton's 11th birthday. I got up and made cupcakes since the first batch I had to pitch. My nephew, his wife and boy came out to see where we stay all summer. They are visiting from California. There flight doesn't leave until later this afternoon. We invited them to join us at Ashton's party. I got some cupcakes frosted up and we headed in to celebrate a special day indeed. Ashton was excited that his cousin from California could join in on the party. I think he enjoyed his party and his pie from Kathy's Pies. He just told everyone this year he wanted cash and boy did he get just that. After visiting and having a late lunch with leftover's from the rehearsal dinner we got to the gifts. Ashton had a great time opening them up. He got plenty of cash.

After gifts we moved on to the sweet part of the party....cupcakes, ice cream, and pie, not your usual birthday but it turned out great regardless. I know he is 11 but a birthday just isn't complete without a happy birthday song.

After eating we stuck around for a little bit, but Jeff needed to get his suit back, from the wedding. On the way home I just felt exhausted. When we got back I did nothing. I think this busy week has caught up with me. I"m done.

Tuesday September 6- I knew one thing I wasn't going any where today. It's super hot and humid, but it's windy. I needed to catch up on laundry. I stayed inside and cleaned out drawers and closets. I have had so much stuff crammed in the cabinets and it was time to clean out. We need to get ready to travel. I also got busy downloading my pictures. I have a lot with all that's been going on.

Wednesday September 7- Woke up today to rain. It rained on and off all day. I have been trying to catch up on things that I have ignored. Jeff went to his friend's Lenny. They played guitar. I hung back. I'm still trying to get rested up. It seems so boring now. I need to find my normal again.

Thursday September 8-It was supper foggy this morning. We had lots of rain last night. This morning the hummingbirds are going crazy. I think this must be getting ready to head south...we aren't far behind you.

Jeff went and got a ladder at the shop, we are trying to fix the awning. After about an hour of working Jeff figured we need to order more parts. So we will work on it later. We had a lot of campers come in asking questions. I can't believe it's almost the weekend again.

Friday September 9- Another cloudy morning but I decided to get a walk in today. I haven't been on a good walk for a while.  Funny thing on this walk, all the critters are out. It's like all the critters came out to see me.

We went in town to get Hailey and take her to gymnastics. It's a make up date. It poured down rain.

Jeff and I went to supper at Panera our new favorite spot to eat. While we were in there it poured down rain again. Next stop we went to a Preseason Roughrider hockey game. Again it poured down rain.

It was fun to be back at the stable but...we didn't play very well. We got smoked..

Saturday September 10- Had a cold front come through last feels like Fall. We had some errands to run. Needed to fill up our propane. We have used more than usual because it's been so hot and humid here this summer. We only have 30 amp service. We couldn't turn off the a.c. to heat the water so we had to use gas. We also picked up a few groceries before heading home. Had the whole afternoon open so I started sewing blocks together. Time to get a quilt together for Fall quilting.

Sunday September 11- Who can possibly say that date out loud without remembering that horrible day.  It changed things forever. Justin and Molly left for there honeymoon today. Seth took them to the airport. They were a little nervous about traveling on this day. They are going to Grand Cayman, its a beautiful destination. When we traveled to scuba dive it was one of our favorite spots. We are hoping they have wonderful weather and a great time. It feels like Fall today, we can feel the change in the weather. Both of us are ready for some cooler weather. I sat at the sewing machine today and did some sewing.

Monday September 12- A new week, started going through things outside. We have to store some of our things at the kids this year. I was putting away our beach chairs. They had been sitting outside for awhile. I was cleaning them off before putting them back in the rig. I looked inside the back pouch and spotted something kind of weird. It was a lizard of some kind. I'm wondering if we brought it back with us from Florida. I showed it to the park ranger and he had never seen one of them here.

We took it to our grandson. He has an aquarium that used to house hermit crabs which have since passed away. He has been asking us to bring him a lizard home. Needless to say he was thrilled.

Tuesday September 13- Rainy rainy rainy, last night and in to the morning. Since the weather is wet we decided to take advantage of the Tuesday specials at the movie theater. We went and watched Sully. Both of us liked it. More sewing. We went to watch the Roughriders again in a scrimmage.

The company was great but the game....not so much another loss.

Wednesday September 14- Today was a busy day for me. It was a beauty of a day. I was busy packing stuff to take with me. I'm spending the next 5 nights at Seth and Katie's house. I will be watching Ashton and Hailey. I also get to doggy sit there dog Noodles, plus Justin and Molly's 2 dogs Bella and Barkley. We thought it would be best if I went in to town while Jeff stayed here to watch the campground and our dogs. The kids are both in school now and if I stayed out at the campground I would be running in to town constantly. I knew it would be a completely different schedule then I'm used to. I got over there around 2 in the afternoon. Seth and Katie left for Chicago. Flying out in the morning to Toronto and the World Cup of Hockey. I walked over to get Hailey from school. Her school it literally right behind there house. Ashton is in middle school now so his school is a bike ride away. I had Katie write down there schedules so I didn't get them to school late. I was waiting for Ashton to get home. Finally at 4 o'clock I called Seth to see what time Ashton should be home. His school is out at 5 til 3...I was getting worried. Right after I got off the phone he walks in the door with a funny look on his face. I asked what happened. He wrecked his bike again. I think he almost got hit by a truck. I know it scared him you could tell by the look on his face. The scab under his eye was from a previous wreck. The road rash on his forehead was from today. Needless to say I will be taking him to school the rest of my stay.

Thursday September 15- Oh boy what a night, a strange bed with 3 dogs in it. The dogs weren't used to this bed either and didn't sleep all that well. I had to set an alarm to make sure everyone got to school on time. The kids did really good getting up and getting ready. I took Ashton to school, came home and later walked Hailey to school. She is super excited about being in kindergarten. I had some errands to run. I came back and started cleaning the kids room. The day flew by and it was time to go get Ashton. Then Hailey, she needed to go to gymnastics. Jeff came in to stay with Ashton. We had a big day at gymnastics today. Hailey did her back handspring today. She was super excited and I was able to get a video to share with Mom and Dad. It was a busy day and when the kids went to bed so did I.

Friday September 16-Another restless night. We got up and got all the dogs fed, the kids fed and took Ashton to school. Hailey came with me to Justin's, there dogs ran out of food. Then I stopped at the store before taking Hailey to school. Boy there is a reason old people don't have kids. When I got back I put supper in the crock pot. The day went really fast today because the kids both get out early on Friday's. When I got home Hailey helped me make brownies for dessert. She is a good helper. Jeff came in and joined us for supper. We even got to play outside with the kids.

Saturday September 17- No alarm this morning......I still got up early because of all the dogs. We had breakfast. We went out to the campground so I could help Jeff with repairing the awning. Think we got it this time. Then the kids and I went to Menards to get some paint rollers. I'm going to paint the kids living room. We made pizza for supper. Then I painted around all the doors, windows and wood work. The day went by fast. These kids are wearing me out.

Sunday September 18- The kids got up and everyone got ready for church. Ashton and Hailey both wanted to go. Jeff and I were greeting, so the kids kind of helped. Hailey decided to attend Sunday School. When we picker her up she loved it. It was vision Sunday today. They changed the name of the church. It went from River Of Life Ministries to River Of Live Church. They celebrated with cupcakes, and they were some of the best we had ever had.

We fixed brunch when we got home. Jeff went to check on our dogs at home. I did some painting. We took the kids out for a early supper at The Texas Roadhouse. Jeff and I had tickets to Bryan Adams concert tonight so Katie's mom came in to watch the kids so we could go. Funny story about that. We had bought tickets 30 years ago to see him, Justin got sick and we couldn't go so we were excited about it this time. We weren't disappointed...he was great. There wasn't many people there but the show was awesome. I forgot about all the songs he sings. I even remembered the did everyone else.

After the show Jeff took me back to Seth and Katie's, the kids are asleep, Marilyn and I sat up and talked. She stayed overnight too.

Monday September 19-  I got up early to get the kids up and ready for school. Marilyn took Ashton to school this morning, and both of us walked Hailey over to her school. Marilyn headed home then and I got started painting the walls in the living room. I had it all prepped so I just had to roll the paint on the walls...the easy part. I got a call from Justin. He got home last night. He told me about his adventure. It sounded like they really had a great time. It didn't seem that long and Seth and Katie were home. They got home around around 2:30. Jeff had gone to pick up Ashton. When he got home we loaded up my stuff and headed out. I think I'm going to need a few days to get rested up. I'm glad I was able to watch the kids, it was a different kind of routine but they are only little for a short time. When you are around them a lot you get lots of little funny memories, I'm a lucky gal, I have awesome grandkids.