Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Rest of March

Tuesday March 22-Well back to work, Jeff let me know that we have 11 working days left. We love the host position we have here but are starting to get a little family sick. We are grateful for face time and phone service but are missing the kids and grand kids. Most of the time during the work week we just hang around the park unless we need something at the store. I did get Belle's hair cut today, the temperature had cooled a bit so I took advantage of that.

Wednesday March 23- Today I'm adding a post today because it's Belle's 8th birthday, I felt bad because I allmost forgot about it. She didn't seem to notice and she doesn't look a day older than 7.

Thursday March 24- It was our last day of work this week and we decided to celebrate with having some company over to join us for supper. Don and Karen came over and we had a yummy dinner and sat around and visited with them. We have met so many really nice people while here. Some make return trips so you look forward to getting together again. This is the third time they have been back and we try to get together each time. What's funny is that these new friends we meet are from all over and are very different but its great fun to learn about each other and all the places each of us have visited.

Friday March 25- The weather man was predicting rain today. We didn't want to spend all day inside so we went for breakfast and picked up Belle's prescription food. Then Jeff took me to a different Tuesday Morning. I have been getting scrapbook supplies there and they have really good deals. We came home and the weather finally arrived. It really rained. Found out at a later date that someone was struck by lightning here at the park. We weren't surprised by that because the lightning was crazy. I went to do the laundry at the laundry facilities between rains but I got caught there and had to wait awhile for it to stop raining. We decided to attend the Good Friday services at church tonight. When we left the park the rain had stopped. As we went toward town the rain there was pouring down like crazy. The service was not at all what I was expecting but it was very powerful.

Saturday March 26- Well after all that rain it was really nice today. We decided to launch the kayaks from Burt Reynolds Park in Jupiter. We had checked it out earlier and thought it would be a nice protected area to check out. They really had lots of rain, I heard 4 inches. The parking lot at the park was flooded as you can see. We launched the boats and headed out to explore. We haven't kayaked here before. We got there early so it wasn't busy to start but definitely picked up. It was very protected for the most part but you could get out in the intra coastal if you wanted. Then you needed to be a bit more careful. There are some very large boats...(yachts) there.

We had a nice day exploring. We were both fishing but not many bites. I did catch a catfish but those aren't so good in this area. We went back to the camper and cleaned up the kayaks and put everything away. We stayed around the campground tonight. Our son Seth and his son Ashton went on a road trip to see the Stanley Cup in Waterloo Iowa. They sent us some pictures of that. They sure were excited to be there and get some really nice pictures.

Sunday March 27- Happy Easter everyone!!! I was really looking forward to Easter this year, usually we attend a church. This year we attended a church that we feel a part of. We greeted for the 2nd service of 3. It was great...the worship, message and just feeling the love that everyone there has towards each other and Jesus. The day was super. We talked to the kids on face time today too.

I made brunch when we got back. We just hung around here. It turned out to be very hot and humid today. We got an invite from some other volunteers, Ken and Mary to come down for drinks and cheesecake. We went down there and visited with the volunteers that are still here. We had a wonderful Easter, all that was missing was the family.

Monday March 28- It's really a smoker out there today...feels like summer. We decided to do some running. We needed fuel for the truck and wanted to get some more hardware to keep our rugs from blowing away. That's a good/bad thing around here. The bad is, some times it makes outdoor activities tough. The good is when its really hot at least there is a breeze to make it bearable. We also went for lunch at Grimaldi's for pizza. We ate there before and liked it so we thought we would go again. It was really good again. After we went to The Cobb Theater for a movie. We saw My Name Is Doris. I really thought it was funny and cute. It was kind of a girl movie.

Tuesday March 29- Back to work and its hot to start the day and only got warmer as we went on. One thing I did notice is we actually had some open spots. I think that is the first time for that. I think people are starting to head north. We also have noticed that people aren't staying that long. I think this is one of there stops to get home. With all the heat and humidity means storms are all around and can pop up. It did just that later in the day. It looked pretty scary but mostly rain is what we received. Others around us got some severe weather. I'm not looking forward to spring because of all the storms that accompanies it. Just have to watch and be careful. We do not hesitate to abandon the rig and take cover.

Wednesday March 30- We woke up to rain today but it stopped before we needed to get working. It was cloudy most of the day with some sprinkles. It cooled off a little for a little while. Went to our bible study at church tonight, it was very good as usual. We both are going to miss this group and church but look forward to coming back next year.

Thursday March 31- It's the last day of our work week and the last day of the month. Check this out, I have noticed some twigs and sticks in my bike basket but today the birds and worked a lot harder. It was almost a complete nest. There wasn't any eggs in it so Jeff took it out and took my basket off so they wouldn't do it again. After we got all our work done we decided to go out to eat at Ruth's Chris Steak House. It's normally out of our budget to eat there, but they have a small menu of early bird specials. Jeff has taken me there the last 2 New Years, it has my favorite steak and dessert. It's very expensive so its our big treat to start the year. We got there early sat in the bar area and had picked out our choices. I ordered a burger, medium well and Jeff had the steak sandwich, medium well. When they brought out our food I knew right away mine wasn't cooked correct from the bloody bun. Well it took awhile to get someone to notice our problem. A different waitress took it and said she would throw it back on the fire. They brought it out and it was definitely well done this time. I would think that a nice steak house would understand how to cook to order. Let me just explain something....I understand that mistakes are made but the service we received was horrible. Our original waiter brought back my food but didn't apologize or anything just set it in front of me. After we got our food we never saw or heard from anyone else. We even had to track some one down to get our bill. That was brought to us by the trainee that our waiter was training. I watched our waiter go around to all of his tables checking how everything was. Now like I said we have ate here before and sat in the dining room instead of the bar area.. We had ordered off the main menu which is expensive to us. Our service there was wonderful. We felt very disappointed when we left, I didn't even get my favorite dessert, crème brulee because nobody gave us that option. What was suppose to be a nice evening out turned into something quite different. We came home and took the dogs for a walk around the campground. We ended the evening on a good note, the sunset was very pretty. I just wish the pictures could show the brilliance of the colors......Bring on April......