Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Friday, July 17, 2015

Good Bye June Hello July

Monday June 29-Good news its not raining today...Jeff had made an appointment to take the truck in because the DEF light came on again. Its still under warranty for a bit yet. I decided to stay back  and get some stuff done. It wasn't to long and here comes Jeff walking in the rig. They had a shuttle service and he couldn't believe they brought him all the way back to the park. It was good because it gave him the chance to get his walk and some other things done. I also got in a walk without the chance of getting wet. I did laundry and cleaned out the of my favorite things to do........not. They came and picked up Jeff when they finished with the truck, it was the oxygen sensor.

Tuesday June 30- Another sunny day, but we did have some storms roll through last night. They were quick and not to bad. Jeff got a hold of a doctors office today. Its really hard to find a doctor that will take new patients but it looks like he may have found one. Jeff set up an appointment for later in the month. That was one thing on the list of to dos.. I sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine a little and Jeff got the other slide cleaned. Our grass was cut this morning, one thing Jeff does not miss doing. All we have to do is move our stuff off of the grass and its mowed for us.

Wednesday July 1- OK this is the first of July but its cool outside today, its really good for walking. I walked all the way around to the other side of the park. I think its about a 2 1/2 mile walk round trip. It was so cool out I sat outside and quilted, I didn't get hot either. Weird weather. We had an invite to join Janie and John for dinner tonight. They are at Morgan Creek Campground so we headed over there around 4:30. When we arrived Janie told us we were her guinea pigs. She got a new dutch oven and she's trying it for the first time. She made a pot roast in there and it was yummy. The weather was perfect for that. We ate and then sat by the campfire and visited. She even got out her guitar and sang us a song. We left a bit earlier than we would have but our boys, Seth and Justin were playing there last hockey game tonight and we haven't seen any. Decided we would go and watch. You can bet they knew when I arrived...I'm a cheerleader and I was gonna cheer them on.

 They got beat but it was still fun to watch. I think there was only 7 or 8 people there watching and we were the only ones yelling. I think the boys liked it........

Thursday July 2- Another cool day today. I wore a sweatshirt to walk. Went into town to wash the truck and run some errands. We stopped at the store to pick up some groceries for the 4th. Aldi's had sweet corn for 10 cents an ear. We came home and enjoyed the great weather. For supper we ate the corn and decided it was super good. We had to go back in to watch Ashton's hockey practice so we stopped and picked up 24 more ears of corn to freeze for later. We watched Ashton practice, playing 3 on 3. After they let the kids do a shoot out. Ashton didn't score but he looked really good. He showed a great deal of hustle tonight too.

Friday July 3- It sure is busy around here. It already seems like Saturday. We had planned to put the kayaks in the water but its really busy today. We will wait. Its so nice out its crazy! We are having a picnic here on the 4th. I got started on preparing the food for tomorrow. I want to be outside enjoying the day as well. Justin, Molly and Tammy, Molly's mom are coming out for lunch. Then we are taking the party to Justin's for supper. Seth and his family are on vacation in Colorado this week.

Saturday July 4- Happy 4th of July everyone! You could not have ordered a more perfect day...the weather was incredible. Not to hot, not to humid, just right with lots of sunshine. We fixed burgers on the grill. The food was really good and the company was fun. We sat and visited for a while. Then we ate, followed by a serious game of bags...

After a fun afternoon, we moved this party to Justin's in town. We ate again this time we had chicken kabobs, and taters on the grill. We also ate whatever didn't get ate at lunch. We had thought we would walk to watch the fireworks downtown, but Justin's neighbors had a show instead. It was a great day.

Sunday July 5- It was a rest up kind of a day. Still really nice outside. We watched everyone pack up and move out. We didn't do much today. We ate all the leftovers today. We face timed with the grandkids, boy were they excited about all they've done. They are using the family condo at Copper Mountain. Boy have they added a lot since we've been out there. They are zip lining, rock wall climbing, jumping on the trampoline, hiking, go karts, bumper boats....I wanna go! I'm glad that Seth is continuing the family tradition.

Monday July 6- Well after such a nice weekend the rain showed up. Went to town and did some grocery shopping. We also made a trip to Menards. We found us our own game of bags...on sale. When the rain stopped the heat and humidity showed up.

Tuesday July 7- It was laundry day today. I also did a bit of cleaning. It wasn't a very productive day but that's ok...I'm retired. We did get the dogs walked, so the day wasn't a total loss.

Wednesday July 8- Alright this weather is just crazy..It's 69 degrees today....I walked with a hoodie on again. Its cloudy so it feels even cooler. I did a little quilting outside, but I'm having a problem getting into my quilting mode. We went to Justin's so Jeff could have his guitar lesson.

Thursday July 9- Its a nice day today. Our gas part on the hot water heater doesn't seem to be working right. We don't normally use the gas part, but because we only have 30 amp service here we use it a lot especially when the air conditioning is running. Jeff tried a few things and its working but he doesn't know for how long. Jeff did some weed spraying. Then after lunch we took the kayaks out on the lake. It warmed up pretty fast.

It was a very pretty day on the water. Jeff did some fishing I just enjoyed the sunshine. We spotted a couple muskies but they wouldn't jump on Jeff's hook.

Friday July 10- The last few days I have had to fill up my hummingbird feeders daily. They are super hungry, that's alright I love watching them. I went for my walk before it got to hot. I have been carrying a stick when I walk because the red winged blackbirds are very aggressive. Everyone says they are probably protecting there nest but I haven't seen a nest...I'm protecting myself with my stick. Today I didn't notice them so maybe they a have left the nest. It's a nice day so I thought I would go to the beach. It was really warm so I didn't last very long. Can't take the heat like I used to. I came back to the rig, cleaned up and fixed some homemade pizza for supper. My friend Judy is coming for the weekend and she arrived after supper. Needless to say we visited the rest of the evening.

Saturday July 11- Well it looks like rain and rain is what it did. Judy and I went into town to get stuff for supper. We also had a mission...finding some new curtains for Judy's house. She just painted it all and needs new curtains to match. Well it was successful, found just what she needed. We didn't get to wet. We came home and it cleared up so Judy and I went for a walk. It was a bit warm but it sure was nice walking with her again. It made the walk go by super fast. Then her and I played bags. That was fun too. After our friendly game of bags we ate supper. Ended the night with a movie and popcorn. That's what's so good about a visit from Judy...don't have to do anything and its still great fun.

Sunday July 12- Woke up this morning to lots of haze. It was really humid too. We stayed in and watched a movie. After the haze lifted we went outside. Judy and I went for another walk...boy was it hot. That's why I usually walk in the morning. The wind picked up a bit so with the awning out it was nice to sit outside. We talked some more then Judy had to head for home. Seth, Katie and the kids made it back so we made a trip in to town to see them. It's been a week and we wanted to hear about there vacation first hand. We all went to Orange Leaf for some frozen yogurt. When we came home we had an extra passenger. We brought Ashton home with us to stay for a few days. We had to make a stop at the store to get stuff for lunches and dinners. He and Jeff picked out some shrimp and crab legs...they say they are gonna eat like kings.....getting ready for a few busy days.....

So til next time....think sunshine!