Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Friday, May 15, 2015

May...Back to Work

Friday May 1- Well we officially took over our camp hosting positions today. Its going be a busy weekend. Our loop is full up. The good news, these campers are clean. Jeff and I were surprised it was so full so early. When we went up to clean the shower house we spotted a problem...the hot water heater is having issues. Jeff tried to take care of that but it ended up being more than he first thought. I rode my bike to fill up our supplies. We went into town because Seth and Katie are celebrating there anniversary. We watched the kids so they could do a movie and dinner. We brought the dogs with us and Soffee had a good time checking out there dog Noodles toys.

Saturday May 2- We have a big day today...Ashton has a track meet this morning. So after cleaning the shower house we headed to town to watch the meet. Ashton signed up for the long jump, the softball throw and the 800 meter. All of us were surprised with the choice of the run cause he doesn't usually run. He picked it cause he thought nobody else would.

 After the track meet we brought Ashton home with us to spend the night. We fixed lunch then Jeff and Ashton got busy putting together the rocket we got him for Christmas. They worked together putting the rocket and the launch pad together. They did a good job. Now if the wind will die down.

Sunday May 3- Woke up to super windy weather so launching the rocket was out. Ashton didn't bring his bike so I let him use mine. Its a bit different from his bike but he did a good job. We loaded up a lot of stuff to take to town. We are having fish, shrimp and other goodies at Justin's house. We brought the shrimp and fish from the South. We fixed the shrimp on the grill and fried up some of the fish. It was good. The weather even stayed decent so we could get outside for the Easter egg hunt.

We went outside and hid the kids eggs. They always like finding the golden egg, it has a $5.00 bill inside. Justin's yard adds a little bit of a challenge.

After all the excitement we headed back home, we are suppose to get some rainy weather tonight.

Monday May 4- We had a pretty good storm last night with rain, lightning, and even hail. I think we were the only ones in our loop. I started my Monday off by going to the shower house and really cleaning it good. Cleaned the place from floor to ceiling. I guess you could call it spring cleaning. We only have a couple campers here. It looked like the rain was going to hold off so I got my walk in. When I got back I worked on the blog. I also started a scrapbook for a friend that has a set of twins. The day was mostly cloudy and wet but I felt like I had a productive day. I even saw a hummingbird today. Maybe spring is showing up.

Tuesday May 5- Again the weather was rainy on and off most of the day. We stayed inside, I scrapped and Jeff worked on the computer. We have been trying to get busy on our too do list. Jeff has been collecting information about changing his diet. Its very confusing and aggravating.

Wednesday May 6- Another rainy day, this is getting old. We decided to head to town to do our grocery shopping. Besides getting groceries I picked up some bird seed. If  I'm going to be stuck inside at least I can watch the birds out there. We got home unloaded everything and filled up my feeders. We set out some extra chairs because we had company coming. Janie and John Dean just got back to the Cedar Rapids area. We were excited to get together and catch up. The weather was good at first but the rain came in and we moved our party inside. They follow a sugarless diet and Jeff picked there brains on some ideas. He is trying to customize his own diet plan.

Thursday May 7- Its another cloudy day. I stayed in and cleaned out closets, funny had things accumulate. We did a whole lot of nothing today. We went into town to watch Ashton's hockey. It's a new session and they play games instead of practicing. We also stopped to pick an order up from Advanced Auto. Now on to hockey......

After practice was over we headed to Justin's, Jeff getting another guitar lesson. We picked up a couple boxes from Amazon....When we are stuck inside what else can you online.

Friday May 8- We had made an appointment this morning for someone to come look at our air conditioner in the bedroom. It quit working while we were in Florida. They had looked at it last year before we left. Thought they had it fixed but nope. He said if this didn't fix it we would have to replace the relay switch and that's what they are going to have to do. The problem was our appointment was for the morning. Jeff had ordered some new steps to put on but he didn't want to get started on that with a repair man coming out so we held off. Well we still haven't seen anyone at 12:30 so we gave them a call to make sure we had wrote down the right day. Yep we did, they are running late. At 3:30 I was getting aggravated. I called this time and it seems someone had messed up. He assured me he would be here by 4:00. He was and confirmed the relay switch was the problem. They are going to order us one. Well it was too late to put the steps on, we'll save that for another day.  I have received a box of t-shirts from my niece in California. She wants me to make her a t-shirt quilt with all of her running shirts. Went in town to get supplies for that. Jeff wanted to stop at the new Pioneer co-op store. He found some goodies that he can eat.

Saturday May 9- Well today we started on the steps. Should be an easy fix.......famous last words. We got the old ones off and started to put on the new ones. Like always its not as easy as it should be. We got them on and went to pull them down the brace on top is bent and won't allow that to happen. So Jeff managed to move it enough to get them down. We had to leave it be for now. We will have to take them back off and fix that brace. We had plans to take the grandkids to the movie today. We picked them up and off we went. We watched the movie Monkey Kingdom...everyone liked it.

Sunday May 10-Happy Mothers Day to all those mothers out there. We decided to try a new church. Jeff looked it up online and found one in Iowa City. Its called Parkview. So away we went, the church was ok but not exactly what we are looking for. After church we stopped at the Coralville Mall. We did a little shopping. Jeff even found me a new fishing pole for mothers day. We had lunch at Panera, Jeff had a really good salad. We left and went to Seth and Katie's. They are fixing us an early supper for mothers day. We did have a little excitement when Hailey got on her bike...without the training wheels and with a push she took right off. She only liked going up the hill. When they tried going downhill, that she didn't like.

After all that excitement we had dinner. Justin and Molly came over and the boys got me a Garmin Vivofit, an activity tracker. So now I'll have to get really active. It's going to monitor all my steps etc. It was a good Mothers day. To finish off the day we had an Orange Leaf. They had a special for mothers, ours was free. That frozen yogurt was a perfect end to a great day.