Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stormy Weather

Started off the week alright but Monday evening spent a lot of time in the shower house... We've had some serious storms, warnings and rain. The rivers are full and people are thinking about previous years. It seems like we are always watching the weather cause if we aren't getting a storm they aren't far away from here. Keeping us on our toes. You really need to be aware of the weather when living in a RV.

Friday June 20, My best friend came up for the weekend. She's never been to this park. Most of the time we just sat and visited. The weather was really good for us. Saturday morning we headed into town to try our luck at the farmers market. It was super busy again. We found some good things to purchase. Some of the stuff we included in our dinner plans.....(Apple pie) for dessert. Well our dinner plans changed cause we went back into town and met Justin & Molly for a late just had popcorn for supper along with a movie ( Castaway). Since we didn't have supper and had it mostly ready we  had a big lunch on Sunday before Judy headed home. Went into see the grand kids cause Hailey kinda likes Judy. The weather started looking bad so  we got Judy on the road. She did run into some rain but made it home to Keokuk before the big storm hit.

Monday the gloomy weather continued so I stayed in and did some cleaning. I have started a quilt for my grandsons birthday, I got the top put together but to put the back and batting together I needed a bigger space. It dried up enough outside that I used our outside rug. I got that all pinned together and ready to start quilting.

Wednesday June 25, it was Ashton's last hockey practice so we made it  a point to go. He did great! Celebrated with pizza at Godfathers after practice.

Thursday June 26, the park is full for the weekend. We had plans to go to the BBQ roundup. It's happening downtown at the new amphitheater. They had lots of different vendors to choose from. Jeff was partial to the fresh peach bread pudding, I had a pulled pork sandwich, it was good. Then I spotted these spiral potatoes that looked delicious....I got some of them. Then we stayed and listened to some music. The weather held off... No rain.:)

Friday and Saturday it rained, felt bad for all the campers here. On Sunday I tried a couple new recipes...pulled pork and cheesy potatoes. I got the recipes off of Pinterest!! Our pork called for coke and liquid smoke, the best pulled pork I've ever made. Gonna use that recipe again for sure.

Monday June 30, Started off hot and humid...we had lots of rain last night. I heard on the weather news that Cedar Rapids had 13.69 inches of rain this June, that broke a record from 1969 of 11.25...we have had so much rain. It's expected to rain again today.. We watched the weather and a big storms heading our way. We ended up heading into Seth's cause he was at home watching his basement.(flooding) the storm rolled thru about 3:00. It was a big one. They didn't get any damage, but other areas of Cedar Rapids did. Lots of people without power. We decided to head back home and see how the park looked. We drive thru the town of Palo, oh my my I bet there was a tree down in every yard. It was a mess. Drove up to the park and everything looked fine...yeah! We didn't have any power though. When the power goes out here you don't have water. The use a well and need a pump to pump it.  Back into town we went. The power came on at 1:34a.m. We considered ourselves very lucky. Some of the folks in Palo didn't have power for a couple days. 

The park filled up by Monday for the holiday weekend. The campers were here but no people in them yet. We had a visitor on Wednesday, Hailey came back with us and spent the night. The best thing about being close to the kids. When I took Hailey back home we spent Thursday afternoon at the Cherry Hill Pool. It was a beauty of a day. It's cooler than normal and no humidity today. 

Friday the 4th of couldn't have asked for better weather, low 80's and no humidity. Jeff & I took the kayaks down to the lake. We claimed a picnic table and waited for the family to show up. Seth, Katie & the kids took the boats out. We had some chairs and we just enjoyed the day. They went over to the beach for awhile, but the dogs aren't allowed so I stayed with them. Justin & Molly came out as well. They stuck around for a late lunch before heading out. We didn't head in to watch the fireworks. We watched them on TV. Saturday it rained most of the day, I guess we are paying for that beautiful 4th. 

To finish off our holiday weekend we drove to Keokuk. We stopped by and got the grand kids. My nephew Todd and his wife Jen, and son JT came to visit. We met them for breakfast and visited. It seems a pool party was in the plans. Went to my nieces house and the rest of the family came. The kids had a great time. The cousins took off with Hailey, Ashton played with the boy cousins. When the big kids got in the water they tossed the kids in the air to do flips. The kids didn't want to leave that's for sure. The good news was both were extremely tired and slept most of the ride home. We got back just in time for a severe thunder storm warning. We stayed a bit at Seth's til the weather passed. Boy what a busy weekend...sure had lots of fun.