Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Monday, June 16, 2014

Company's Coming

After the busy holiday weekend things got pretty quiet around here. We enjoy quiet. Jeff has been working on his maintenance list he has for our camper. We started the week with some scary weather, had some serious wind and hail. I really don't like hail. After the storm passes we were blessed with a pretty rainbow. When the weathers good Jeff has been working on our hitch, cleaning it up. Also he changed the transmission fluid in the truck. It's hard to get things done outside because of the bugs. They are horrible. The other hosts up here told us to get some absorbine jr., that stuff really works, who would of thought.

 We had a really nice day and I thought the beach sounded like a good idea, well as I rode my bike down I spotted 4 buses...(school field trip) needless to say I didn't stay long, it was not a good beach day.

Then we were getting ready for a busy weekend. Jeff's brother and his wife are coming up to the park. They have reserved one of the cabins here. They are little log cabins, with a futon, bunk beds, a frig,microwave and an air conditioner. They arrived  Friday around 6. We got them settled into there cabin then went into town to eat. We had some excitement to start it off. Some how Shawn stepped in doggie doo, then got in our truck. When we got to the restaurant we cleaned that up. In the restaurant she spills a glass of water, so we left a good impression there. We wanted them to eat at Brogans since we were so impressed with there food.  Again the food was delicious. Went in to see Seth and Katie and watch the Blackhawks win!  

Saturday was a busy day....Fritz & Shawn came down and we sat outside and enjoyed the weather. We fixed lunch here then decided to do a movie. Went and saw Million Dollar Arm. We all liked that movie, really a pleasant surprise. Then we met our other son Justin & his girlfriend Molly back at the Brogans for another supper. This time pizza. It was a little late so we hung around and watched some karaoke...kinda fun. 

Sunday was a huge day here at the park. They are hosting a jr. triathlon  (pigman). It started at 7:30a.m. I was up super early cause my dog wasn't acting right, so I got up with her at 4a.m. People started pulling in at 5a.m. They say they had like 900 participates. It was crazy busy here. We walked down after it was over, still busy. They had perfect weather to run it in. We said our goodbyes to Fritz & Shawn and watched the park clear out.

We had more company showing up this evening. Brand new full timers Al & Nancy Moander. They arrived around 6. We let them get set up and made arrangements to get together tomorrow. I brought supper to them and we visited a little. It's nice to see the excitement they have getting started on there new adventure. 

More company, we got an early call, Haileys got a fever and so she's coming out for the day. I hate seeing the kids sick but boy does she get snuggly when she doesn't feel well. She did good all day then after her nap more fever and she didn't do so well...:( Katie came and got her. We went back to Moanders for margaritas and wish them good luck on there journey.

Wednesday, got an early call, both kids are sick so we headed into there house to watch them. We knew Ashton didn't feel good when he stayed on the couch all day and didn't ask to eat. Again after naps Hailey's fever was back so Katie took them to the Doctor, both have strep....yikes.

We finished up the week with a trip downtown to Cedar Rapids. They have a music festival called Uptown Friday's a beautiful venue and the bands sounded good. They offer beverages and snacks there. The weather was great. It started off a little warm but turned out really nice. We went with Justin & Molly and after went for dinner at Jerseys. We got burgers and they were so yummy. We called it a night and headed back to our home sweet home.