Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ortonna South / LaBelle Florida

Saturday January 11, moving day... I was ready to leave Pennecamp, not my favorite park. We feel the sites are way to close and it's really busy. We got an early start around 9 a.m. We had most everything already loaded up. It was a short trip, around 160 miles. Another good thing about a return trip, you know what to expect. The road construction that we dealt with last year was completed, but now there was more going on closer to the park. Still it was an easy drive and the weather was good. It was so different from our keys campsites. When we arrived in the park the hosts were at lunch so we just went to set up. This park is so neat, it's really well taken care of, I love it. As we were setting up on site #10 the hosts came to our site with our sticker for the truck. How's that for service didn't even have to go back they brought it to us.  After getting set up we walked down to look at the locks. Last year the gate was locked so you couldn't get down to watch the boats go through. I guess I should tell you this campground is located on the Okeechobee waterway. You are constantly entertained by watching some really nice and large boats lock through. Another thing that tickled me was we have TV.......yeah!!!! I was really starting to miss Al Roker. We decided when we started this adventure that we didn't need a dish or satellite and  that decision has worked for us. Most places have some available tv and we are happy with that. Down in the tv but a couple Spanish speaking stations, and if you don't speak Spanish not really much entertainment in that. The park was full and our neighbors on both sides were friendly. Not only do we have TV but the Internet is great and the phones work well. The one thing I don't like about this park, the water. It's horrible... We have a filter outside and put the water through another filter before filling the bottles. There is an odor and the taste that won't go away. Well you got to take the good with the bad and the good defiantly outweigh the bad. To bring this day to a close.... The Bachelor it's Juanuary......I missed the first show and they just happen to show it again tonight before the 2nd show tomorrow, my lucky day!

Sunday January 12, Jeff was up early and started washing the rig. It's been driving him crazy, we spent the last 6 weeks playing so it's time to get some things done. I looked thru the pantry to see what we needed, we are going to have to get to town soon. I had quite a list. We had lots of sunshine today and that felt good. Made a nice supper and dessert.

Monday January 13, it was a really nice day, it started out cold but warmed up nice. I helped Jeff change out a couple of windows that fogged up. We had a spare and Jeff couldn't stand looking out that fogged up window any longer.  Jeff did some waxing on the rig. I even helped a little I did the underneath, by the hitch. I washed my bike and took it for a ride. Boy what a productive day! 

Tuesday January 14, We have started on our reservations for next year. Kind of planned to go west but after our stay in the keys we just both want to come back. It's really foggy today, it didn't last long. We walked around the park, across the waterway is a tree that a bald eagle likes to hang out. Today we were lucky enough to see 2 positioning for the same top branch. It didn't last long, I guess the weaker one settled for a lower branch. I got in another bike ride today. This park is kind of out in the middle of nowhere. We like that. Loaded up and decided to make the Walmart run. The parking lot looked fairly empty considering, but the place was packed. They either walked or car pooled. It was crazy and they didn't have all we needed. After that trip we were done for the day.

Wednesday January 15, today we stayed here. Jeff was working outside to clean up the rig. I worked on the inside. I would start on one thing and then see something else I wanted to do. We are expecting a cold front tomorrow so I decided to take advantage of the winter weather and make some homemade noodles. We like chicken noodles when it's cool. It was cool today too, not really the temperature but the wind. 

Thursday January 16, Brrrr they were right it got down to 32 last night. That didn't stop Jeff, he got up and washed the truck. We got some new neighbors today and Jeff was talking to him. He's a retired firefighter as well and they had a lot to talk about. I started a new quilt project and when it gets cool I love to sew and bake. So I also made cookies. Those new neighbors gave me a poinsettia.... So now I need to try and keep it alive. Our supper, chicken noodles so yummy.

Friday January 17, They were right, really cold this morning. There was frost everywhere and the waterway looked Like a hot tub. Jeff made a fire this morning and we haven't had one of those for awhile. The temperatures started out cold but it warmed up to 70, I'll take that. Since the weather was almost perfect we decided to get some more things done. Jeff waxed the back of the camper and treated the truck cover with 303. I got inside the truck and took everything out to vacuum it all. We looked like we were having a garage sale. Its really surprising how much stuff you can cram in your vehicles. We walked the dogs around the campground talking all the way. I think this park has to be the friendliest campground we've visited. It's really hard to get things done cause people want to visit. Anybody that knows me knows I LOVE  to talk. Our neighbors Lee &Katie came over to visit. We ended the day with leftovers which were delicious...

Saturday January 18, it was a nice sunny day but the wind was chilly. I wanted to put together blocks for the quilt I started. I got out my machine and got busy. We talked with our new friends and I got on my phone and called an old friend to catch up. Every once in a while I'll call someone I haven't talked to in a long time just to surprise them and catch up. The rest of the day was pretty laid back.

Sunday January 19, Brrrrrr it was really cold last night. It got down to 28.... I don't think they expected it to get that cold. It did warm up nice though. I made breakfast this morning..Belgian waffles. Those are Jeff's favorite. He puts fresh fruit and whipped cream topped with syrup. Didn't have much on the agenda today. We were outside and saw a huge boat heading to the locks. We went down to watch it lock through. Found out its 92 feet long... WOW!!! Pretty fancy float. Then somebody said there were manatees by the locks. I would definitely rather watch them than a fancy boat. There were 3 of them and it looked like the mom and baby were inseparable. So neat to watch them. Got back in time to watch the Blackhawks win over the Bruins. It was very exciting, they had overtime but they won in the shout out. YEAH!!! Also had to see who was gonna make it to the Super Bowl. Sunday is a good day to catch family at home so we talked to my sister and Jeff's brother. Tomorrow we have to move along. It's always a bit sad to leave a nice park with friendly people but that's part of it. We packed up some of our stuff to prepare. So long Ortonna south til next time.