Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Friday, November 15, 2013

Creekside RV Park / Pigeon Forge, TN

Wednesday November 6th was moving day. We had a beautiful day to travel, it was sunny and warm and the roads were good and not busy. In Knoxville there was a bit of traffic but not bad. The worst part was driving through Pigeon Forge. It wasn't hard just lots of traffic and stop lights. The good thing was there is lots to look at. Arrived at Creekside RV park and it was easy to find. We had reservations but when we got to our site I knew it wasn't gonna work for us, not unless I cut down a tree. Jeff went back to the office and they gave us a couple other spots to try. We ended up getting spot #21. It was so hard to do. There was a concrete patio on the right that was raised. On the left side the water spigot and electric box. I know that doesn't sound to bad but the space in between the two was tight. Didn't give up though and after about 45 minutes we're in!!! Didn't hit the tree, patio, spigot or electrical box....SUCCESS!!!! We really felt we accomplished something. The best thing Jeff and I are still talking. Then when we went to plug in our surge/voltage protector it showed an error code. Yikes!!!! Jeff tried it at a couple other spots and it's our protector not there power. Jeff got on the phone and called the company. We had a similar problem during the summer and the company rebuilt it. Now they are sending us a new one. Looks like we'll be here an extra day at least. Now on to better stuff... The temperature was in the upper 70's. This is an RV park so sites are close. They offer free WiFi, cable, 50 amp, and laundry facilities. It's clean and everyone is so friendly.

Thursday we woke up to some rain. We decided to fix breakfast, waffles. We headed into town to check out the Zorb. It's were you get in a giant beach ball and they roll you down the hill. I was gonna try it but it was closed. Went on to Walmart to get apiece of memory foam for our bed. On the way home stopped at the Apple Barn. We got some apple cider...the real yummy kind. So happy!!! Traveled on to stop at 5 Guys for supper. Burgers & fries my favorite. Oh what a day!

Friday November 8th, it was really chilly when we got up. Jeff got online to purchase some tickets to the Motown show. We met some new friends so they are going to the show with us, on Saturday. Decided to drive up to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. On our way I happen to spot a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop. Pull over!!! The hot sign was on. We did and the doughnuts were hot and delicious !!! Onward to the park. Stopped at the visitor center, got a map and headed up the mountain to Cade's Cove. It was a long, winding, turning road. We were kinda disappointed, we didn't see much for all the driving we did. The fall colors had kinda already peaked. As you headed down the colors were better.  The good news.....when we got home our roast in the crock pot smelled good. Our supper was almost ready and really yummy.

Saturday the friends we met walked down to visit. We are going to the show with them tonight so we invited them over for vegetable soup.  We just hung around here most of the day and I made a dessert for tonight. Our company showed up for supper and we really enjoyed the soup and the company. The dessert was even good. After, we loaded up and headed for town. The traffic was a mess. Its a  good thing we left early. We parked and went in, found our seats and waited for the show to start. It was a really  good show and everyone seemed to enjoyed it. My new friend even volunteered me to dance on stage. Thanks Linda. It was a late night for us but well worth it. If you like going to shows and Motown then you'd like it.

Sunday we didn't really know what we were gonna do today. After seeing how pretty it was outside we decided to head back up the the national park. This time we bypassed Gatlinburg which was a great idea. The bypass was really a pretty drive. Headed up to Clingmans Dome. Made a few stops to check out the views, which were amazing. One stop was Newfound Gap which was were President Roosevelt dedicated the park. Seven more miles to Clingmans Dome. The parking lot was full but there were some spots along the road after the lot. The views were awesome from the parking lot but we decided to make the hike up to the viewing tower. The lady at the visitor center told us it was like walking on a treadmill set on level 12. I didn't really think to much about it but it was a really tough walk. It was only 1/2 mile but a long 1/2 mile. I'm gonna blame  the altitude for my lack of endurance. It was a beautiful view and the good news was on the walk down it was so much better.  Both Jeff and I enjoyed this trip so much more than the other. One thing, do this trip on a clear day. Back in the truck to head down the mountain. The traffic was thick. We noticed a bit of a traffic jam ahead. Everyone had there cameras out. When we looked over we saw a bear climbing up a tree. That was on Jeff's side and he was driving so he tried to snap a picture but then the traffic started moving. We were so excited to see that bear. It was one thing we wanted to see on our 1st trip and didn't. We continued down the road and then 2 cars were stopped right in the middle of the road and 2 people were pointing up a tree and there was a mama bear and 3 baby bears climbing  up a tree. How cool was that? Really cool! What a way to end that adventure. Decided to stop for supper at a pizza place called Big Daddy's Pizza, this was a really good place. The menu offered lots of different speciality pizzas or you could build your own. Pick your own sauce and toppings. That's what we did. Now home to check on our girls.(doggys)

Where Roosevelt stood and dedicated the Park

3 Baby Bears in Tree
Walkway to Clingmans Dome 
On the way up

Monday November 11th. Happy Veterans Day! This should be our last day here if our surge/voltage protector arrives like scheduled. Again no big plans. We made a trip to Walmart to get a couple things. Funny thing there is a scrapbook store located across from Walmart....gotta go there. Jeff waited in the car while I went in. It was a huge store and located next to that was a clearance scrapbook store. Nice!!  Left there and decided to go out for lunch. Stopped at Logan's Roadhouse kinda like Texas Roadhouse but didn't have to wait. Both Jeff and I liked our lunches. They even had a special on Monday/Tuesday 2 lunches for $14.99. We did that and they also give you a bucket of peanuts and hot rolls. Stopped to top off the gas tank. Before heading home we decided to do one more touristy thing.....the alpine coaster. You get in these sleds and they tow you a mile up the mountain. Then the fun begins as you ride the sled down a rail track. Kinda like your own personal roller coaster. Jeff said he didn't brake at all. I did a bit but only because they had signs that said slow... I laughed all the way down. That was a fun ride for sure. Now we headed back to our How. Stopped at the office to see if our box was here....yep..... Looks like we'll be on the road tomorrow.