Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. George Island

We hitched up the HOW and made are way to St. George Island. We had a longer drive this time. We also had a head wind which is why we lost a lid and hitch cover out if the bed of the truck. This was a return trip to this park. The last time we were here we had a different camper. We backed in without to much problem, it was a little tight but we got it done.
 We knew there was a couple things we wanted to do that we didn't get done last time. One thing was to ride our bikes to East Point and look at the waters and the beach. We saw birds and pelicans. We even saw a bird catch a snake and watched him gobble it down. The ride back was a bit harder...the wind. The sand dunes along the path kinda reminded us of Iowa in the winter.

I liked to start the days off with a walk to the beach don't know how much exercise I get but I sure do enjoy the sights and sounds. After walking along the beach Jeff and I went to look for a brand new geocache that the campground hosts had placed. We were the first to find!!! It was such a nice day we decided to ride our bikes into town. It was about 9 miles to town. We looked at a few shops and had an ice cream . We went and looked at the lighthouse there. The lady in the gift shop was very helpful by telling us a bit about it. We got tickets and went up. The steps weren't bad but that hatch hole was a bit tight. Before heading back to the campground Jeff stopped and got some fresh shrimp he was kinda excited about that.

Saturday morning we attended a campers coffee which also included a presentation on geocaching. The hosts did a really good job of introducing this fun hobby to everyone. Afterwards we were ready to go hunting. We found 4 more and 2 of them we were the first to find.

Sunday walked to the beach and it was really windy, the water was wild and pushing in some really yucky foam. We decided to go fishing in the bay. It was way more protected back there. We had high hopes for some fish but that wasn't to be. We did see some dolphins. At first they were out a ways then they started moving in. I couldn't believe how close they were. They were feeding and it was so awesome to watch them feed. They would splash around and smack the water. It was like watching a national geographic show but live! Then to top off the day a fly over by a bald eagle.....nice!

The weather cooled off and the wind was picking up. We wanted to get the kayaks in the water and try to catch some fish. We decided Monday was gonna be our best shot. We waited til after lunch and put in. We went out to the point and fished as we let the wind bring us back. Jeff found a spot were he caught some trout. He caught 4 total but only 2 were keepers. I did see a dolphin but only for a moment and it was gone. Still better than working,

Our last full day we decided to make a trip to Apalachicola. We looked in all the shops, mostly just window shopping but the stores were so unique that it was great fun. Did get a couple really fun things. Jeff enjoyed our lunch. We ate at a place called Up the Creek. He had alligator white chili and lobster bisque . He couldn't decide so he ordered both. Even the dogs made out, we found a pet store and they had sheep ears. Both of our dogs LOVE them. A good day for everyone.

We both loved this spot. What we didn't like was we only stayed 1 week. We will know better next time.