Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

Monday, August 31, 2020

Good Byes.......

Monday August 3- Woke up feeling crappy again, I told myself I wasn't sitting around here all day. Jeff left early to go wait for our table is to be delivered. I decided to call the ENT to set up an appointment. I have to see if there is anything they can do to help. I'm waving the white flag. I got one appointment on the 10th and the other on the 18th. Maybe it will go away and I won't have to go. 

Tuesday August 4- I woke up this morning and my ears didn't crack. I know that sounds weird but every morning I can make my ears crack and today I couldn't. That I feel is an improvement. Went over to the house to finish hooking up the washer. Then of course I had to try it out. While waiting for the laundry I got some stuff put up on the cabinets. Jeff got the soundbar and dvr player mounted. We put up the shelf in the laundry room. Went back home and Belle is not acting herself. She is having more things show up. We did hear back from the vet and the news wasn't good. She had lymphoma. They said when diagnosed with this they only live for a few months...tops. We aren't sure how long she had had it either. We are watching her close because we don't want her to suffer.

Wednesday August 5- Felt pretty good today so I wanted to take advantage of it. Jeff drove the truck in to the new place. As soon as he left Hames Homes called to say the Manufacturer repair man was coming over to repair all the things that needed fixed. Jeff hung around there until lunch time. I stayed here and did some cleaning inside and out. I washed windows in the car and vacuumed her out. Belle is having more issues today. I even notices a good sized lump on the other side of her neck.

Thursday August 6- This morning I got a text from Slumberland saying our furniture would be delivered between 2-4 today. So that was a high point of the day. Then after much thought Jeff called the vet today to make an appointment for our Belle. After lunch we went to town to wait for some of our furniture. I brought a couple more tubs of stuff that needed to be put away. The furniture people got here at 2:10 and brought in everything. They did a wonderful job. I'm happy with all we got but wish it could have been everything. We came back to the park to check on the pups. We sat outside and gave Belle a pig ear...(her favorite). She had a good time destroying that poor thing.

Friday August 7- This was not a happy day. We are taking Belle in to the vet today. We have been struggling with what we should do and how long to wait. She is not comfortable. Last night she woke up in the middle of the night coughing and gasping for quite awhile. Jeff fixed her a steak for breakfast. Then we drove in to Center Point. Ruby was not very happy when we left without her. With the covid thing usually no people in the clinics office, but with this there was an exception. They were extremely caring and compassionate. They treated Belle as if she was there own. It was horribly hard to say good bye. She was such a good dog. She brought us so much joy. Our lives will surely change without our Belle Belle around. We drove back home and Ruby noticed Belle not being there right away. She was acting funny right from the start. When I got home I decided to keep busy. Judy is coming up for the weekend and I needed to get some groceries for the weekend. Seth and Katie are having a cookout tonight. I got to the store, home to put away the groceries, made deviled eggs and a big salad by the time Judy arrived. We just hung around and visited for a while. Then we left a little early so we could stop by the new place to show her the place and see what we've done. Then over to Seth and Katie's. I still needed to cut up watermelon and cantaloupe. It was nice outside and we had lots of fun. Seth set up the TV outside so we could watch the!! We had a great time with good food and good company.

Saturday August 8- Judy and I stayed up late last night. We didn't get up until after 7..I had to hurry up to the shower house to clean. I got back and made breakfast. We cleaned up and Judy and I went to town. That watermelon I cut up yesterday was so good Judy wanted to get one for herself. Then we went to T.J. Maxx, Sams, and Walmart. I had a list of things I needed to look for. Well I found them and some others. It was so hot out there and wearing those masks, it just makes everything so difficult. We got back and stayed inside to cool off and watch a movie. Then we fixed supper, which turned out pretty good. It cooled off enough we could sit outside for a bit. 

Sunday August 9- We sat outside this morning while it was cool. It started to rain a little which sent us inside. We decided to head back in to Walmart to get the memory foam Judy was looking at yesterday. Then on the way home we took the long way and got pizza at Tomaso for lunch. We came back and ate lunch. We sat outside and visited while watching the campers pull out. We also watched as the Griffey's pull in. Our walk in sites were full when they arrived but they did manage to get the last walk in site in the second loop. Judy left to go home and we had leftovers for supper. Jeff went to Palo to jam tonight. I went up and talked with  Griffey's for a bit.

Monday August 10- Oh boy what a day!!!! We left to go to town. We are still looking for that check. We had planned to take it to the bank in North Liberty today. When we arrived to check the mail, the check hadn't arrived. I had a car full of stuff. We didn't bring Ruby because we planned on going to the bank. As we were putting things away a severe weather warning went off on the TV. Oh no...I checked the radar and we had enough time to get back to Ruby. We sure didn't want to loose another dog. Jeff drove a little above the speed limit to get back. I grabbed Ruby and went to the shower house. Jeff got the stuff he needed and joined us. When Jeff was running up the wind had already picked up. Carl the park ranger had texted me saying 80 mph winds were expected. The warned all the campers and I have to say that the shower house was fairly full. We have made the trip up to the shower house many times but this time I'm so glad we did. We had a HUGE storm. They called it a derecho. It basically was a category 3 land hurricane. They said the winds were up to 140 mph. Not only was it strong winds but it lasted for what seemed like forever. When the winds died down and we went outside to see, everyone couldn't believe there eyes. Campers turned over, whole trees down, big branches down, and everything that wasn't nailed down was blown around. It was a mess.

The power of course was knocked out, but also cell service was spotty and internet. We tried to call Justin but his cell service wasn't working. Did talk to Seth but it was hard to hear everything. Seth said his house is a mess. He lives in an area where they have lots of big huge trees. Well not so much anymore. They had them down all over, you could hardly see there house. One landed on there house and put a hole in there roof where the water was running in. The good news nobody was hurt. These are a couple pictures of Seth's house.

We waited for the rain to stop and we made our way very carefully to town. We checked on Justin first since we couldn't get a hold of him. Then to Seth's to make sure they were all ok. Then we had to go see what damage was done to our new place. As we pulled in to the drive I noticed a lot of skirting was missing, one window was broke but just the outside pane, and Jeff's brand new grill was mashed up pretty good. He hadn't even got to use it yet. Then we noticed a big branch from our one tree had landed on the back corner of the place. We had a lot of siding cracked and then on the roof we lost some shingle on the ridge vent. I was extremely happy that it wasn't just demolished. Here are a few pictures of our place.

We made our way back to the campground. As we drove through Palo it was unbelievable the damage that was done. It snapped off telephone poles like nothing. Trees were everywhere. Houses with trees on them, roofs just blown off, roofs peeled off of the big metal buildings. Lines down every where. We started picking up our stuff and everyone elses that were around us. We found one of our kayaks clear across the park and down in the woods. Just such a mess, Boy am I glad I rode this storm out in the shower house. We settled in for the night in the rig with no power. We knew it would be days before the power would be up. All I can say is WOW, never seen such a mess.

Tuesday August 11- Today we got up and accessed our damage a little. We were extremely lucky. We lost the bed cover off the truck and it was dinged up some. The spark took a hit on the passenger side door and also had some dings and scratches from flying debris. Our 5th wheel looks pretty good to with only a few dings on the side the wind came from. We went back to town to get a closer look at the new place and do some cleaning up. I picked up the shingles in our yard and all the skirting that had landed in our yard. I also picked up some sticks and branches laying around. Jeff went up on the roof and saw what he needed to do there. When we went inside there was water all over the kitchen floor. It was from the thawing freezer. I cleaned that up and hung the towels on the swing outside. It is really hot out there. When we got back to the camper it was so hot. Jeff said we are moving in to the new place now. So I started loading up the car with more stuff we would need. 

Wednesday August 12- Back over to the new place to move more stuff. We are going to be staying here because it is just to hot in the rig. Jeff went up on the roof trying to cut some of the branches off the roof. It is way to big to use a hand saw and trying to find a chainsaw is nearly impossible. We started unloading stuff from the frig and freezer. It is also really hard to find ice. The whole town is without power. Our daughter in law's dad found some ice and bought all he could. We got ice, they got ice and Seth got ice.  I called the insurance about the truck, car and camper to let them know we would be having some claims. We stayed the night in our new place with our new sleep number that was on the floor. We had the windows open and we could hear everything outside. We did not get much sleep.

Thursday August 13- Still no power but we have a gas stove so we can do some cooking. We made coffee this morning. We  have also started cooking some of the stuff in the freezer that's thawing, before it goes bad. We went to get Ashton and Hailey this morning. Ashton is coming over to help Jeff with the tree removal. Hailey is coming with me to Justin and Molly's to watch Maddyn. Justin and Molly had a long weekend trip before all this happened. So we are having a girl weekend. We came back over to the new place to fix lunch then back so Maddyn could get her nap. It sure was quiet while she was sleeping. You forget how much you depend on electricity. When Maddyn got up from her nap I got the scissors out to cut off her rat tail, mom had a hard time doing it. Seth and Katie brought us some food from Iowa City. They weren't hit as hard there. While in Iowa City they bought a generator. So us girls went over there tonight to watch the Blackhawks get beat. Back to Justin's to get Maddyn to bed.

Friday August 14- Still no power. Boy it was hotter than blazes in that upstairs bedroom. Didn't get much sleep. Maddyn didn't have any problems sleeping.  When Maddyn woke up she started calling to us. We went downstairs and made some breakfast. She wanted to go for a walk around the water. We started right after breakfast, thinking we could beat the heat. Well it was already hot, Maddyn again did no complaining about the heat. After the walk we went over to our new place to fix breakfast for lunch. We did that on the grill. We have lots of bacon to get rid of.  In the afternoon Hailey and Maddyn played in the sprinkler. It just wasn't enough water so we decided to blow up her pool. That takes a lot of energy. We did find a bike pump but that was hard too. We finally got it blown up and filled it with water. The girls had fun and cooled off. We counted that also as a bath...

After cooling off we came in to fix a bite for supper. This was our melt down day. I fixed Maddyn something but all she noticed was she had no chips. That was the last time all she ate was chips. She was upset. Then every time I tried to grab something out of the cooler it was floating. I literally had to dry off the ham and turkey before making a sandwich. Then as I was getting Maddyn calmed down Seth brought over ice. I look and Hailey is starting to cry. She says her eyes are burning. Long story short she must have rubbed her eyes after eating her jalapeno chips. So her appetite was gone and she was upset and quiet the rest of the night. Maddyn couldn't understand why Sissy wouldn't talk to her. That was quite a day for sure. I really miss my frig and a.c. We heard back from Progressive about the truck. They sent me a link to take pictures to do a virtual claim. Slumberland called also to set up a delivery for our couch since it was cancelled because of the storm.

Saturday August 15- Still no power. Up around 7, but really was up quite a bit through the night. We had some weather coming at us and Hailey was pretty nervous. It split before arriving so we didn't get any rain. I did see some lightning. It did cool off  just a bit. Jeff brought over sausage and bread. We had sausage sandwiches for breakfast. Katie came and got Hailey. I think she was done babysitting. The  fun kind of left. Maddyn and I went to our place to make a lunch. We had lots of meat that needed to be cooked. We made lots of chicken and Iowa chops. I fried up some potatoes and made some baked beans with cottage cheese. We invited our neighbors Richard and Vickie over to eat. We had so much. Jeff had rigged up the inverter from the camper to run the small frig. Then Seth called to say there power was on. That was good news indeed. They have so many people from all over working to get everyone up and running. I brought Maddyn back to take a nap. As she was napping our, Justin's power came back on. I have to say I did a happy dance. Jeff came over around supper time and brought some of that leftover meat. I made some mac-n-cheese  and mashed potatoes. Maddyn got to pick what she wanted for supper. That's what we had, oh I talked her into some green beans too. I had Jeff bring over the laundry so I could get that caught up. Maddyn was very happy to be watching movies. The internet was still out so no TV, just movies. I didn't even care if we were watching Frozen and Shrek. After giving the frig time to cool off I loaded it back up with what was in the coolers.

Sunday August 16- It was nice to not sweat while trying to sleep. I slept better. I fixed her some breakfast. Jeff called to say our power came back on late last night. Maddyn and I watched movies. Jeff went to the store to try and get some groceries. Justin and Molly got back to the house around  noon. Jeff came and picked me up and we went out to the camper to gather more stuff to bring in. We had the truck packed up full. Got back and unloaded it all. I spent the rest of the day putting away and organizing. It was quite the weekend. So happy to have power. We are so spoiled. We are lucky to have our power. There are still so many people out there waiting for power. They have way more mess to clean up than we did. I'm grateful for all I have....until next time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Big Changes Coming

 Monday July 20- We had to do our cleaning super fast this morning. We have a delivery scheduled to come between 7-1. Well they didn't come to early, so while we waited we put together some of our outdoor furniture we purchased.  I also took the new kitchen light out of the box to see if it was what we thought. I love it. We will put it up later.  Our delivery showed up. They brought 3 tv's and a sound bar. Then our second delivery showed up with the entertainment center. That thing is heavy with lots of parts. We started putting it together, we almost got it all together. I also made a phone call about changing my IRA. This to will take some time to get completed.

Tuesday July 21- After cleaning today Jeff went to town to finish putting together our entertainment center. I stayed home and did some cleaning. I also got the clippers out to give Belle a haircut. While I was grooming her I noticed she had a big lump on the left side of her throat. She has had fatty lumps before but this felt different. When Jeff got home I showed him the lump. We are going to be calling the vet.

Wednesday July 22- Again we went in to the new place after finishing our duties. I helped Jeff get the TV up on the wall in the living room. I also got a few things hung up in the kitchen.

We took the long way home to the park making a few stops. I wanted to go to Seth's to see how to operate there TV because I am dog sitting for them this weekend.

Thursday July 23- After cleaning today Jeff took me over to Seth and Katie's to watch the dogs. I brought my laundry and my clothes, I will be here the whole weekend.  I started on our laundry and did some cleaning. I haven't been over for awhile so I thought I would just get my job done here day 1. I also got a hold of my investment place to close my account and send a check. It has to go to South Dakota first then they can forward it to us. Oh the hoops we must jump through. 

Friday July 24- Woke up early this morning. Sleeping a different place and bed with 2 dogs. I did some more cleaning and watching Netflix. I started feeling dizzy again around 1 o'clock so I took another dizzy pill and laid down. It worked this time I felt a bit better. Justin brought Maddyn over for me to watch while they golfed. Jeff brought over some stuff for supper. He went back to the rig and Maddyn and I watched Disney movies.

Saturday July 25- It's Seth's birthday today. So here are a few pictures of him enjoying life. I felt pretty good today, almost normal. I met Jeff over at the new place to help him unload his new Weber grill. He got a good deal on it. He went to the grocery store and bought a new grill...who would have thunked it. We also had Lowe's come with a delivery. They brought over the dryer and a couple end tables. One of the tables was broken so they took it back and promised another would be coming. The afternoon consisted of lots of running. Went to Walmart and Target. Jeff went to the camper and I went back to Seth's. More tv tonight. Oh I did call Seth to sing him Happy Birthday, couldn't rob him of that joy.

Sunday July 26- This morning I got up and went to Aldi's. I had an idea of what I could do to surprise Seth when he got home. They don't want anything for there birthday's so I thought I would cut up some cantaloupe and watermelon. I was also going to make him some sugar cookies, he loves them. In the middle of the day I started getting really dizzy. I took another pill and laid down. I wasn't able to get up until after 5 o'clock. Justin came over and let the dogs out for me. The good news about this attack I didn't get sick to my stomach.

Monday July 27- Slept pretty good last night. When I got up I felt a whole lot better. I had to get Seth's cookies made today. Seth and the family took off this morning to head home. I did more laundry and finished cleaning up the kid's rooms. Then I met Jeff over at the new place, he mowed and did the weed eating. Then we put up the new kitchen light. I likey a lot! Jeff took me over to Seth's to get my stuff and I headed back to the campground. Seth and Katie would be home in a couple hours so we left before they arrived.

Tuesday July 28- I cleaned early because Belle had her appointment at the vet. She was going to get her shots and that lump looked out. With this virus thing you can't go in the office. You give them a call when you arrive and they come out to get the dog. They did a test on that lump in the office and ruled out that it was some kind of infection. Now they will send it off to be looked at further. I sure don't have a good feeling about this. We will probably hear something by Monday. 

Wednesday July 29- After the shower house I got busy cleaning inside. Jeff washed the rig. He found a couple things that need to be fixed. It is really getting hot out there. This afternoon made a couple calls to see about a storage spot for our luck.

Thursday July 30- This morning we headed back in to town. First we went to Fairfax to see about some storage units. Then over to Justin's to get stuff that he has been storing for us all these years. I had more stuff than I thought. I still have 2 more tubs to get tomorrow. Brought the stuff to unload. It was getting close to lunch so we went to get some stuff for sandwiches at the store. Ran to Menard's to get some stuff. We got back to the place and put some things on the wall and unloaded some others. Then we went back to the campground to check on our girls. We got a call from Slumberland saying that there is going to be a bit more of a delay on our furniture. Oh boy...

Friday July 31- Today our washer arrives so back over to the new place we go. I loaded up stuff to take over. The poor little spark (our car) was full up. When I arrived I unloaded the stuff in the car. Then I went to Justin's to get the 2 tubs I left yesterday. I came back and started to find places to put all that stuff. Jeff got busy putting together our new sleep number bed. As I was finishing up with unloading the tubs I started getting dizzy. I grabbed another pill and went to lay down. I thought I was going to be ok but that was not the case. I had to holler at Jeff to help me crawl to the bathroom. I was sick for hours. I couldn't leave the bathroom for quite a while. Then I crawled back to lay down. I couldn't even get up until 2 o'clock. This was a bad one. I felt like crap the rest of the night.

Saturday August 1- We have 1 more full month left here at the park. We did run some errands but I took it really easy, still not feeling 100%. It cooled off, it was really a nice day so I spent some time outside enjoying the day. One high point was hockey was on. The blackhawks played and got the win.

Sunday August 2- Well last night at 9 o'clock I started feeling dizzy again so I went to bed early. I didn't sleep all that good. I didn't get sick though. When I got up I still felt a little dizzy, not to were I was sick just kind of in a funk. I laid around in the recliner dozing off. Jeff came out and noticed one of the dogs chewed a hole in the carpet. It was really strange because neither of them have done that before. I think it was Belle. I think by bedtime I felt a little more like myself. This meniere's disease stuff is really getting me down. You just can't prepare yourself for what's to come. Well until next time......

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Dizziness, Heat and A New Home

Monday July 6- After the long busy weekend it has calmed down a bit. We started our day as usual cleaning the shower houses. Then Jeff cleaned up to go in and pick up our groceries. I fixed my breakfast and ate. Then I got up out of the chair and was hit with a big wave of dizziness. I took another dizzy pill and stumbled up to bed. Jeff called me to help back him in and I told him I was in bed. I finally felt like I could get of bed around noon. I still felt like crap. The dizziness had subsided but I still was tired and feeling exhausted. I felt bad because it's Miss Ruby's 3rd birthday and not much celebrating here. I couldn't do much until late afternoon. This meineres disease is horrible. I thought my medicine was really working. Looks like it's back for a bit.

Happy Birthday Miss Ruby

Tuesday July 7- Woke up felling better and I took advantage. After cleaning the shower houses I came back and did some cleaning here. Then I started our laundry. It is really warm out there. While I was hanging out my clothes Jan came by with Mickey and we visited. Jeff went to Center Point to get some hamburger at there store. They have the best burger. Since it got really warm I came inside in the afternoon. I got back on quilting the frame. I thought I was finished but after looking I felt like it needed a bit more to call it complete. I finished 1/2 of it today. Save the rest for another day.

Wednesday July 8- I felt good enough to go to Seth and Katie's to clean. While there I took advantage of there big washer. I washed my sheets and towels. I got the cleaning all done and before heading back I stopped at the store. When I got back I filled up my feeders and then retreated inside. It is smoking hot out there. We got a phone call from Clint today, we will be closing on our new place on Monday. Since it was so hot outside I went ahead and finished marking and quilting the other 2 sides. After the quilting was done I put the label on the back. It is all ready for Christmas.

Thursday July 9- It is another scorcher out there today. After cleaning we came home and made breakfast. We headed to town, first stop Best Buy to pick up our new vacuum. Jeff went there, he dropped me off at Bed Bath and Beyond. I got my pans, a coffee maker and some other things for the kitchen. Next stop was Home Depot, found a lamp for the bedroom. When we got home Jeff ordered the rest of the stuff we needed, well almost. We still need to get a mattress and a entertainment center. We got home and watched the rain roll in. Since we do live in a trailer we are always watching the weather. Today we got a BIG surprise. It had to be straight line winds. We had no warning. My phone nor the weather radio did anything. I mean it was scarey. I grabbed the dogs and tucked in behind the counter with quilts on our heads. The good thing is it didn't last long. When we looked outside we saw what the wind caught. It moved our picnic table which weighs a ton. It also blew the kayaks around. My swing chair was blown off the spring and it was clear across the park on the edge of the trees. I did get some pictures after it calmed down.

I don't think we have ever experienced winds like that before. We just had rain on and off the rest of the day.

Friday July 10- We cleaned this morning but I was extra happy because today Wanda is suppose to be here today. Thinking this is the last time to do double duty. After we fixed breakfast and cleaned up. We are going on a road trip today to Burlington Iowa. We have skin doctor appointments today. We left early so we could make a few stops. Jeff wanted to try and find a blue ray player. It is hard to find them right now. He got the last one at Target in Cedar Rapids. Then he got the last one in Burlington at there Target. Success!! We arrived at our doctor appointments and both of us had good reports. We came on home. It was a long day on the road but we did get some things accomplished. We fixed some supper. I rode the bike up to the 2nd loop to see if Wanda got here. She did. We welcomed her and then came back home. We waited for Judy to arrive. This weekend Judy is staying with us. When she arrived we sat outside and did some visiting. She hasn't been up here to stay this year with all that is going on. Needless to say it was a late night of catching up.

Saturday July 11- An interesting day. Again it's hot. After cleaning and eating, Jeff, Judy, Jan and Jerry went for a walk. I got stuff ready for supper. With this ear thing I didn't want to get hot and I'm afraid something will happen. All the sudden I looked up at the sky and it looked really dark. I hoped they were watching the weather. They got back before anything happened. We looked at the radar and after that wind on Thursday, we are being extra careful. We grabbed the dogs and headed to the shower house. It didn't do much but the power did go off for a bit. It cleared up. Then Judy and I went to town. First she wanted to go to Sam's. Then across town to pick up my prescriptions, and finally to show her our new place. Just 2 crazy girls masked and ready to go.

We came home and sat outside a while. Then we fixed a yummy supper. We ate inside because it's so hot out there. We cleaned up the mess and watched as another storm rolled in. This time the sirens went off so off to the shower houses again. This time it was raining and we got some pretty good wind along with it. We had quite a crowd at the shower house this time. We waited for the storm to pass. While watching the radar. When it looked all clear we headed back home. I hope that's all the excitement we have all evening. We watched a movie and went to bed at an earlier time tonight.

Sunday July 12- We got up and went to town. I needed to go to Walmart and get a couple tubs so I can start sorting through things here. It is going to be a process what stays and what goes. We went early to avoid the people. We did just that. We got what I needed and came back home. Wearing those masks sure takes the joy out of shopping. Somehow those darn things make it so I can't breathe, see or hear. We got back and sat outside a bit. Jan and Jerry came over. Judy, Jan and I went for a walk so Judy could get some pictures for a gal she works with. Judy keeps telling her how nice the park is so she might want to come and camp. Judy took off for home. I went to work loading up those new tubs. We also watched as our friends Phil and Teresa pull in. We met them in Florida at Jonathan Dickinson State Park. They are from the St. Louis area so they drove up to visit the park for a few days. We asked them if they wanted to order a pizza but they needed to make a store run. We will catch up tomorrow.

Monday July 13- Big day today....we are going to become homeowners again. Went to clean the shower house first thing and I notice Phil outside messing with his RV. He is having water pump issues so I went to get Jeff to help. Well they tried everything and couldn't get it going. Lucky for them they are close enough to a water pump that they can hook up. Since it is during the week they can leave it on. So that kind of saved the day. They were considering heading home. Our appointment was at 10 a.m. First we had to sign papers and write a check. After we did all the paperwork we went to the home and did a walk through. We showed Clint anything we had concerns with and he will make sure they are taken care of. We drove the truck over because we were using it to house all the stuff we had purchased so far. We unloaded everything. We headed back out to the park. We saw Phil and Teresa out so we visited with them for a while. We came back and loaded up the truck again with stuff that we can move in.

Home Sweet Home
Tuesday July 14- Seth brought Hailey out today. She will be spending the night tonight. First we fixed breakfast. Then we went to town to pick up some plywood for the bed. Then we took it over to the house and dropped them and the other stuff off. We got to show Hailey the new place. She seemed to like it too. We came back home and hung around here. We made lunch and the next thing I know Hailey is asleep on the couch. She took a pretty good nap. When she got up she helped me make supper. She got to pick what we were having. Everything turned out really good. We finished up the night watching some T.V.

Wednesday July 15- We got up and saw that the mowers were out. We moved all the stuff so they could mow our spot. We found this baby snake under a board. Hailey was super excited about finding it. Jeff and her hoisted it into a bowl so they could move it to the woods. They didn't want it to get caught in the mower.

I went to town this morning. I had doctor appointments. Then before heading home I made a stop at Hobby Lobby. Found some stuff for the house. I got home and made lunch for Hailey. Then we went back to the new place to drop off more stuff. Before going back we went to Lowe's so Jeff could get a weed eater. I went to Walmart to get a few things on my list. Then we came back home. Tonight Phil, Jeff and Justin were going to have a jam session. I told Justin I would watch Maddyn. Well just as soon as they drove up it hit me. I got super dizzy. I tried to take a dizzy pill but to late. I tried my best to ignore it but couldn't. I had to go to bed. I spent the rest of the night in bed. I felt horrible. Jan and Jerry came over to listen too. That's the 3rd spell this month. When will it end?

Thursday July 16- I woke up feeling  a lot better. Not 100% but I was upright and happy to be there. It was super foggy this morning. I was suppose to clean at Seth's today but decided against it. I called to tell him and he insisted I stay home and rest. I went through more stuff here. We said our good byes to Jan and Jerry.  We made plans to have Phil and Teresa for supper before they take off tomorrow. I made stuff up ahead of time just in case I got dizzy again they would have something to eat. Jeff even gave a call to Lenny. He loves to play guitars so tonight I got to participate. First we had supper and did some visiting. Then we had supper.

Everyone went and got there guitars and Lenny showed up. We had some live music. Everyone had fun.

Friday July 17- Today we said good bye to Phil and Teresa. It was nice to see them and visit. It is real nice to get some company with all that is going on in the world. We stay to ourselves quite a bit. We hung around here this morning. Jeff noticed that the bathroom sink was draining really slow. We just cleaned out the trap so we knew it wasn't that. Jeff had a mission to get that thing unclogged. He worked on it most of the morning. No luck yet. I went to town for a bit. Sales at Hobby Lobby. Then I went to the store and got a few things before heading home. When I got home felt a bit weird so I took another dizzy pill. I take a dizzy pill every morning,(motion sickness pill) but on some days I have started taking 2.

Saturday July 18- We cleaned, changed clothes and headed to Menard's. They open early so we left early. On the way in we recieved a call from Mike Maerz, a friend of Jeff's. He worked with him. They are heading up our way and wanted to get together. We said sure. We decided we would go to Menard's get our stuff and go back to visit. We would skip going to the new place. Well we arrived and I got my list out and so did Jeff. We divided to get the stuff we needed. I started feeling funny. I found Jeff and dropped the cart off with him and I went to the car. I'm getting more dizzy by the minute. I tried taking another pill and sat in the car with my eyes closed. Jeff got back and took me home. By the time we got home Jeff had to help me in the car because my walking was a bit sketchy. I got to bed and stayed there. Jeff had to call and cancel the visit. I was in bed until 1 o'clock. Then I felt good enough to make it to the recliner and stayed there the rest of the evening. When I got up I still felt dizzy some. That makes 4 this month.......

Sunday July 19- Woke up feeling much better. I got my cleaning done. I came back and was sitting outside drinking coffee. Jeff said he wanted to go over and mow today. We also put together the swing we got for the deck. I told him I would go but didn't feel 100%. I brought what I needed just in case I got dizzy. We got the swing together. one end table and a table for outside. Jeff got the grass mowed. Justin, Molly and Maddyn came by to check out the place. We got home for a late lunch. We had quite the empty park. Before long the walk in sites were full again. We spent a quiet evening here eating leftovers and calling it a day. That's all I got for now, so until next time......